May 27, 2024

Opinion: Movies on Market Square is a fun, local activity for everyone

Rylee Barnes explores the weekly and free event and learns more about its sponsors.

It’s a Friday night, what is a college kid on a budget going to do? Dinner and shopping on Market Square sound like fun, but it is not always affordable. Instead, grab some friends, your Yeti, a blanket, or lawn chairs, maybe even some candy from Mast General Store and pick your spot in the square! The Knox County Public Library has hosted “Movies on Market Square” for the last 13 years. Locals are able to sit outside and enjoy a great movie, and the best thing about it is, it’s free!

Last night was my first visit and they were showing one of my personal favorites, “Legally Blonde.” About 100 teenagers and adults came to the event. I overheard a bystander talking with her family, “what better way to spend this evening than watching a movie outside beneath all the stars.” The temperature at dusk was perfect as the summer nights begin to cool off, which everyone seemed to enjoy.

While standing in line to buy some popcorn, which is only $2, I asked a fellow snack-lover if he had been before to this event and he happily responded, “It’s my first time,” he said, “it’s really cool though, watching a movie outside surrounded by the downtown buildings in the heart of Market Square.”

The Knox County Library had a table set up with surveys and free Frisbees. I spoke with the woman in charge of  the table to get some insight on the evening and to find the reason behind this unique experience. She stated, “Our local library hosts these events to showcase what our library has to offer! Not only do we have plenty of books, but we also carry DVD’s. We show a movie weekly just to show Knoxville the variety of movies we have available.”

Tennessee Valley Authority presents these weekly movies to showcase what the Knox County Public Library has to offer. These movies that are presented on The Square are also available to rent for anyone. Save some money and pick up your home movies while also supporting your local library.

“Movies on Market Square” is a great way to enjoy our city and an evening out with friends and family at no cost.

These are the upcoming movies left to be held at Market Square:

September 23rd – “UP” (2009, PG)

September 30th – “Night at The Museum” (2006, PG)

October 7th- “Star Wars VII” (2015, PG-13)

October 14th- “Ghostbusters” (1984, PG)

Featured Image by Rylee Barnes

Edited by Katy Hill

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