May 17, 2024

‘Beetlejuice’ to round out Movies on Market Square

Movies on Market Square, which runs from Sept. 13 to Oct. 18, is almost over. Families, students and more are welcomed to Market Square to spend a night enjoying the free event with a movie, games and food.

Every Friday night from Sept. 13 to Oct. 18, the Knox County Public Library presented a free activity for all to enjoy.

Movies on Market Square promotes the Knox County Public Library and everything the library has to offer: thousands of books, movies, games and much more.

Viewers arrive downtown early and place lawn chairs and blankets down to hold their seats for the evening. In addition, vendors with popcorn, beverages and cotton candy line the sides of the big screen for anyone who needs a snack during the movie.  The library also offers games and prizes beforehand for people to learn more information regarding the event.

This year’s line-up included:

“We love this event because it really showcases what we have to offer at the library,” Kayti Tilson, graphic designer for the Knox County Public Library, said. “Most people don’t know that we have more than just books.” Tilson has been at the library since the event began 14 years ago and believes it has prompted more people to visit the library.

“Ever since the beginning of this event, we have people come into the library more often and check out movies along with their books,” she said.

Tilson loves working at the library and getting the opportunity to be a part of these events the library puts on.

The movies shown are never above PG-13 and are meant to be family-friendly environments.

Moviegoer Bailey Williams brought her niece with her to the event. “We try to come at least once every year they have this event,” Williams said. “My niece loves Toy Story so she was really excited to come, but I may come back with my boyfriend to see Beetlejuice.”

The final movie, Beetlejuice, will be shown this upcoming Friday evening.

Edited by Grace Goodacre and Ainsley Kelso

Featured photo by Rylee Barnes

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