May 18, 2024

Smokey’s Sofa offers front row seats to UT students

UT Dean of Students starts the Smokey’s Sofa nominations as football season comes to a close, and basketball begins. Smokey’s Sofa provides an opportunity for students to receive front row seats at both men’s and women’s basketball games.

What is Smokey’s Sofa?

Basketball season is just around the corner!  Smokey’s Sofa allows for students to have front row seats to the men’s and women’s basketball games.

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s Dean of Students created this idea as an incentive for UT students to strive for success.

UT Student Carl Myers commented on what it is like sitting on Smokey’s Sofa.

“I am a senior at UT now, and I have sat on Smokey’s Sofa once,” Myers said. “It really was my favorite basketball experience, and I encourage other students to submit an application.”

The applications for Smokey’s Sofa is now open. However, students may only nominate themselves. The applications also ask students multiple short answer questions about makes them the best VOL for the opportunity. Additionally, students may select if they prefer to only sit court side for the women’s or men’s games.

The Process

Selection will be based off of a couple of things. Specifically, campus leadership and involvement, academic success, attendance at UT athletics events and representation of the Torchbearer’s creed all come into play when choosing students.

There are also other requirements for the nomination. For instance, a person has to be a full-time student at UT. They also must purchase their ticket through BigOrangeTix.

Furthermore, the nominations can provide initiative and excitement in students willing to participate as there are three winners for each game.

Avery Connor, a UT student, hopes to get selected this season.

“I have never sat on the sofa at a game, and always think it looks so fun,” Conner said. “Hopefully this year I’ll be selected.”

The Schedule

Smokey’s Sofa Games for Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 is as follows:

November 14: Tennessee State (Women’s Game)
November 20: Alabama State
January 11: South Carolina
January 26: LSU (Women’s Game)
January 28: Texas A&M
February 6: Miss State (Women’s Game)
February 8: Kentucky
February 27: Ole Miss (Women’s Game)
February 29: Florida
March 7: Auburney’s Sofa


Edited by Grace Goodacre and Ciera Noe

Featured photo courtesy of Dean of Students twitter.

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