June 21, 2024

Bonnaroo tickets sell out for twentieth anniversary

Bonnaroo, a Tennessee-based musical festival, is back this year after being canceled last year for the first time ever.

Bonnaroo is back after a year of masks, quarantining and a lot of change, and many cannot wait to feel a sense of normalcy by attending it and other festivals.

“Regardless of the tweaks in the lineup, I think it is still so worth it to go,” UTK Junior, Katie Bigelow, said. “After a year of social distancing, I feel like my friends and I deserve a fun break.”

According to Bonnaroo’s website, this year is particularly special because the festival will be celebrating its 20 year anniversary. To celebrate this occasion, many native Tennessean’s will be making an appearance, including Lennon Stella from Nashville and Briston Maroney from Knoxville.

Taking place from Sept. 2 to 5, the 2021 Bonnaroo lineup dropped at the end of March, but the tickets to attend all four days sold out on April 20. The Bonnaroo website offers resale tickets for people who are interested in attending but didn’t purchase a ticket before they sold out. However, they are typically more expensive.

The Line-Up

On Sept. 2, The Grand Ole Opry will kick off festivities with their classic country charm. In addition, the rock band Liz Cooper & The Stampede and pop artist Taska Black will perform. Currently, Liz Cooper & The Stampede’s top song is their latest release, “America,” and Black’s is “Running Away.”

The Sept. 3 headliners are Megan Thee Stallion and the Foo Fighters. Megan was supposed to perform during Bonnaroo 2020 and is known for her song “Savage.” The Foo Fighters are a rock band started by Nirvana’s former drummer, Dave Grohl, and their top song is “Everlong.” In addition, Friday’s lineup includes rapper Young Thug and R&B artist Omar Apollo.

Tame Impala and Lizzo will perform on Saturday. Tame Impala is an alternative indie, multi-instrumentalist artist, while Lizzo falls primarily under the hip-hop category. Tame Impala topped the charts with “The Less I Know The Better” and Lizzo with “Truth Hurts.” With two very different vibes, they carry similar messages and impact. My Morning Jacket rock band out of Louisville, Ky., and Phoebe Bridgers, a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, Calif., will also be performing.

Topping it all off on Sept. 5 will be Tyler, the Creator and Lana Del Ray. Tyler is a well-known, multi-faceted rapper that writes his own lyrics, while Del Rey is in a completely separate league of her own. She specializes in a lesser-known subgenre of alternative music, known as dream pop. Tyler, the Creator’s most listened-to song is “See You Again (feat. Kali Uchis)” and Del Ray’s is “Young and Beautiful.” In addition to these two, there will be artists ranging from Elderbrook, an electronica artist, to hip-hop queen, Flo Milli.


Edited by Maddie Torres and Ashley Depew

Featured image courtesy of Bonnaroo’s website.