International Coffeehouse serves up a taste of German culture

Students and faculty gather in Hodges Library to enjoy coffee and an interest in German culture.

Every Wednesday during the fall and spring semesters, the International House is opening up an International Coffeehouse within Hodges Library from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Each week the coffeehouse is putting a spotlight on a new country and a new culture, bringing in authentic foods and coffee or tea from that culture. All UTK students and faculty are invited to share in the coffee and the love of the culture being represented that week.

The International House hosted Germany as their featured country on Wednesday, Sept. 14.  The turnout for the German coffeehouse was one of the biggest yet, with nearly 10-15 people inside at any given moment.

While the love of free coffee may have been a running theme, everyone present at the coffeehouse was open to conversation. From people who knew little about German culture and wished to learn more, to people who had spent extended periods of time in Germany, there was always someone to tell you an interesting story or fact about the culture.

“[The International Coffeehouse] is a great way to foster an interest in Germany and German culture,” said UTK student, Caleb Rogers, who enjoyed his coffee in a stylish mason jar in a knit cozy, “It helps make the German culture more accessible to the people of Appalachia.”

The International House brought authentic German muffins and Kinder biscuits to eat and plenty of German coffee and tea to drink, which certainly seemed to be a hit amongst everyone present.

“I’ve got my coffee, I’m happy!” exclaimed sophomore, Gabe Taylor, who has actually spent several weeks in Germany. When asked what he thought of the International Coffeehouse Taylor stated, “I love the IH because they are helping us make a cultural connection! I’m glad that we are trying to make a meaningful cultural connection.”

Whether you are simply looking for free food and coffee or looking to connect with brand new people interested in a new culture, the International Coffeehouse is certainly worth a visit.

You can see the International Coffeehouse’s schedule here.

Featured Image by Alex Rolph

Edited by Katy Hill

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