July 22, 2024

Opinion: Grizfolk, Knox Hamilton bring sultry rock tunes to Nashville

Alternative rock bands, Grizfolk and Knox Hamilton, brought their music and hip fashions to Nashville’s High Watt on Feb. 16.

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Picture the typical hipster and then add instruments.

That’s what Grizfolk and Knox Hamilton brought to Nashville for their concert at the High Watt on Feb. 16. They rocked out the small venue with their giant speakers, long hair and stylish hats.

The High Watt is an urban bar in South Nashville with scuffed wooden floors and exposed brick walls. The waist high stage was pushed against the far wall opposite of the entrance and stacked high with guitars, microphones, a drum set and a key board.

Knox Hamilton, an alternative band from Little Rock, Ark., opened the show. The lead singer had amazing vocals clearly heard above the well-tuned and well played instruments. Their songs were fun and energetic. Needless to say, the crowd was very excited and cheered on the new band to play more of their original songs and even some that are still in the making. Their music shook the foundation of the building and the people on the floor, which got the audience ready for the main event.

Grizfolk jumped onto the stage full of energy ready to shake the High Watt with their alternative rock sound. The lead singer, Adam Roth, belted the lyrics to their songs with passion and sounded exactly like the album. The bass guitar player, Brendan James, was a charismatic individual and interacted with the front row of the crowd eagerly. Sebastian Fritze was energetic on backup vocals and synthesizer. He banged on the drum set and ended up breaking one, which sent half of it flying into the crowd! They put on an amazing performance that the crowd of Nashville, Tennessee will never forget.

That being said, the concert as whole was a memorable experience for a hipster who is into dive bars and alternative music, and anyone looking for an incredible concert experience.

Featured image by Jae S. Lee via Wikimedia Commons, obtained using creativecommons.org

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  1. I could easily visualize the concert setting and the band members too. Loved your spatial description, your word choice and opinions. Good job!

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