June 21, 2024

Opinion: Rend Collective leads powerful night of worship

Jolin Baker recaps Rend Collective’s performance at Fellowship Church on Thursday, April 14.

//Photo by Jolin Baker

Rend Collective is a Christian worship band that is originally from Ireland. They travel around the world creating an alternative folk sound and on April 14, they performed at Fellowship Church to promote their album “As Family We Go.” This band was not here to be praised for their great music, but to lead the people of Knoxville in a powerful night worship.

Urban Rescue was the opening act to Rend Collective. They began the night with an enthralling performance, encouraging the hearts of everyone in that room. The lead singer’s vocals were incredible. They floated through the room in beautiful sound waves. and left the audience in eager excitement waiting for the main act: Rend Collective.

Patrick Thompson, a member of Rend Collective, came on stage shortly after and told the audience a story about his wife and a dresser. We were overcome with laughter and joy, and when his story turned into an important message, our hearts filled with compassion.

Shortly after Thompson left, the whole band jumped onstage dressed in skinny pants, button-downs varying from a muted red to chambray with suspenders, vests or bow ties. They were fascinating to watch.

Each band member was constantly changing out instruments throughout the songs. They were all incredibly musically talented. It was a real treat to watch them perform with their loud voices and their ability to play a variety of instruments.

Although, this was probably the best concert I have ever been to, and I have been to a lot of concerts, it was not the performance or the band that made it so amazing. It was the content and authenticity of the music. It was the beautiful fact that I was in a room of people that were solely there to worship. That is what makes a splendid concert, in my opinion. The way they praised God was so powerful to witness. It was a truly amazing experience that I will never forget.

I strongly suggest attending one of their concerts, so you can be a part of this striking and captivating love.

For more information on Rend Collective and their tour dates, visit their website.

Featured image by Jolin Baker

Edited by Taylor Owens