June 15, 2024

Opinion: Second location for K-Brew, same great taste

Katy Hill visits K Brew’s new location in the heart of Downtown Knoxville.

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I have great news for all Knoxville coffee drinkers. Last Friday, K Brew opened a second location in the heart of downtown. The majority of coffee shops in my previous posts are located in areas where you will most likely have to drive to (including K Brew’s original location on N. Broadway). K Brew has considered this and decided to open its doors to the centralized community of downtown Knoxville and I simply could not resist!

A simplistic yet inviting shop. // Photo by: Katy Hill

Because this is simply an added location for the already successful Knoxville Brew, the quality holds the same high standards that I wrote about in this article last semester. This location, however, reaches out to a slightly different crowd of people.

The surprisingly small shop does not offer any indoor seating suggesting that you take your coffee to-go. Surrounded by corporate and federal buildings and a short walk from Market Square, K Brew is the perfect spot to go to for a quick lunch break, or as you swing by for a delicious brew as you stroll to the next local small business on a day off.

Read about each variety offered with detailed flavor profiles. // Photo by: Katy Hill

The simplistic and décor on the interior will leave you with a pleasant and brightened mood. Although the space is limited, it still feels open and inviting, creating a space for quick and easy conversation.

As I mentioned before, the second location produces coffee and espresso at the highest quality. I went with my usual yet again: a dirty chai latte. I simply cannot resist the flavor they create with the perfectly crafted steamed milk and espresso. Just the right amount of spice sits in the back of my throat just begging me to take another sip.

K Brew is currently serving Hidden House Coffee Roasters, and I cannot stop talking about this coffee. My partner tasted the Hambela roast from Ethiopia. We both agreed that the best way to describe it was smooth with a light feel, yet very bold in taste. This was definitely a favorite of ours.

Tasty snacks and bottled drinks also offered. // Photo by: Katy Hill

K Brew is also offering healthy and unique food items. A newly introduced Benton’s bacon wrap has joined the selection of chia seed yogurt, almond fig bites and other tasty treats. I honestly don’t know what could be more tempting.

Go ahead and treat yourself at both locations. The staff is friendly and always eager to answer your questions about coffee. You will most definitely find me there at the end of a hard week.

You can enjoy K Brew at 1328 N. Broadway and now at 800 Market St. You can also follow their social media sites as well as their website for more information.

Photos by Katy Hill

Edited by Taylor Owens

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