Bare.Thread remakes clothing, offers style and community

The Knoxville community gathered together to shop for repurposed clothing on Saturday at the Central Collective.

Mayor Rogero checking out the organic lip balms // Photo by: Allison Ward

Bare.Thread hosted a pop-up shop that offered gently used apparel under $15 and shoes ranging between $15 and $30. The event provided free, homemade refreshments and sold handmade, organic lip balms.

“I am very impressed by the large selection of high quality clothing here. There is actually a lot more items than I expected to see,” UT junior Julia Nabin said.

The large variety of clothing translated to the large variety of shoppers, but college students seemed the most grateful for the opportunity.

“It’s really cool that college students and young adults came together to make a difference in the community by repurposing and selling college budget-friendly clothing,” Jessy Kunkle, a UT senior, said.

Just a portion of the shop’s variety // Photo by: Allison Ward

The pop-up shop boasted popular brands like Tory Burch, Free People and Frye.

The local non-profit is providing opportunities for the community to become more involved in creative fashion.

“We started as a group of people who were beginning to realize the social injustices behind the clothing industry and fast fashion,” Carolyn Wettstone, Bare.Thread event coordinator, said. “There is so much clothing waste, so we wanted to learn how to remake clothing and make it available to our community.”

“Wettstone said she encourages those who are interested to watch the documentary “True Cost” to really understand their motivation behind their passion in providing local jobs and repurposed clothing.

To get involved, Bare.Thread suggests calling, texting or Instagram-messaging to show interest in donating clothing. Coordination for pick-up or drop-off will be made based off of convenience for those who donate.

Bare.Thread is hoping for a permanent donation and event space in the near future.

More information can be found on the Bare.Thread Instagram account and future website.

Edited by Nathan Odom

Featured image by Allison Ward

Tailgate recipes to prepare for the Battle at Bristol

It’s finally time for the most anticipated football game of the year. The Battle at Bristol will bring in Vols and Hoakies from all over creating a community of tailgate-loving college football fanatics. Because there is technically not a “home team,” many will be traveling to enjoy the festivities. With this list of quick and easy recipes, you will be able to make your tailgate delicacies ahead of time (or once you are in Bristol) and have no trouble transporting them.

Add these fun and simple recipes to your lineup of favorite snacks and enjoy a unique tailgate feast! Happy cooking, safe travels and Go Vols!

dsc_0820Big Orange Mimosa Bar

What you need:

1 bottle (or more) of dry champagne

A bottle each of your favorite fruit juices (orange, grapefruit, blood orange, etc)

  • A variety of fresh or frozen fruits and berries
  • Wine glasses, champagne flutes or mason jars
  • Fruit garnish (optional)


Place the champagne and juices next to the cups for your friends and family to create their drinks how they prefer. Create a plate of the varied fruits and garnish to add to the champagne and juice mixture. Be creative and make it your own! This is the perfect cocktail for any time of the day.

Tip: If you have young ones, provide sparkling water or ginger ale so they can join in on the bubbly fun.


Orange and White Yogurt Parfaits

What you need:

Low-fat vanilla Greek yogurt

1 mango

  • 2 small cans (1 large can) peach slices
  • Mason jars
  • Cinnamon pecans (optional)

** This recipes yields for two servings. Adjust if needed.


Peel and slice the mango and combine with the peach slices. Combine the two in a bowl to the flavors can mix. Add cinnamon for a little punch of flavor. Drop a couple spoonful’s in the bottom of your mason jar. Next, add in the vanilla Greek yogurt and repeat this process to create alternating colors. Top with pecans or your favorite granola for a fun treat for anyone!

dsc_0808Smokey Sausage Pineapple Bites  

What you need:

1 pint pineapple chunks

1-2 packages of your favorite smoked sausage

  • Cinnamon (to taste)
  • Cayenne (to taste)
  • Toothpicks


Slice the sausage into rounds and place in a hot skillet or grill pan. Pan fry until each side is sizzling, browned and crispy. Set aside once done. Next, place the pineapple in the same skillet or grill pan to create caramelization and/or grill marks. This brings out incredible flavors from the fruit. Combine one slice of pineapple and one slice of sausage on each toothpick. Sprinkle with the cinnamon and cayenne to your liking.

Easy to eat and hard to stop, these addicting, sweet and savory little bites will be a huge hit among all of your football-loving friends.

Photos by Katy Hill

Edited by Kaitlin Flippo

Club Week: Canoe and Hiking Club offers opportunity for adventure

[title_box title=”Club Week: Canoe and Hiking Club offers opportunity for adventure”]

Since 1968, UT students have come together to form a group of nature-loving adventurers. The Canoe and Hiking Club does just that and more. Now considered a sport club, they offer a variety of outdoor excursions such as kayaking, rock climbing and downhill skiing/snowboarding.

The crew shreds down the mountain at Snow Shoe. // Photo by: Austin Eddy

Unlike many other sport clubs, all experience levels are accepted and encouraged. Each trip is created so that any member can participate and try something new. President Austin Eddy climbed outdoors for the first time with the club and is now an experienced climber.

“The club does an amazing job of providing opportunities to try new things and develop member’s skills based on their interests,” Eddy said.

The club is member-led which allows students to share their interests and expertise with their peers while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere. A recent trip to Xanadu Cave lead by a new member, Garrett Sexton, proved to be one of their most adventurous trips of the year thus far.

“It felt a lot wilder than our other caving trips because we were being led through the cave by one of our peers and not by someone that is ultra familiar with the cave to ‘guide us,’” Eddy said. “We were all just exploring this huge cave together.”

MtLeconte (2)
Members hike up Mt. Leconte. // Photo by Austin Eddy

All excursions are discussed and coordinated as a group. While there are leadership positions, it is mostly for paperwork purposes. It is important to the club that every member’s interests are represented. They enjoy the camaraderie and shared leadership.

“The Canoe and Hiking Club is the best I’ve found for good friends, fun and adventure,” said member Ryan Wagner.

With a current total of 86 members, the Canoe and Hiking Club is the cheapest, oldest and largest sport club on campus. A reasonable fee is due at the beginning of the year that covers gear, lodging and even gas for each trip that is planned.

You can find the Canoe and Hiking Club hanging out every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in front of or inside the HSS building. The meetings consist of planning upcoming trips and simply discussing other outdoor interests. You can also find them every year at Rec Fest on campus or on their website.

Edited by Jessica Carr

Opinion: Wild Love brings flair to north Knoxville

[title_box title=”Opinion: Wild love brings flair to north Knoxville”]

Bright, open seating is friendly and inviting. // Photo by: Katy Hill

North Knoxville is going crazy right now, and I have been indulging in everything it has to offer. Coffee shops, donuts, local markets and many other foodie finds are taking over the area and filling me with utter happiness. Wild Love Bakehouse was opened not too long ago by the owners of Old City Java. You will fall in love with this cute and modern location that encompasses the same quality you receive in the Old City.

When I first heard about this place opening, I could not get there fast enough. Remember those pastries I wrote about at Old City Java? Wild Love Bakehouse specializes in those beautiful little gems and I had to go check it out. You can even see the bakery through a large window inside!

As I pulled up to the shop for the first time, I was enchanted by the adorable building with a wooden outdoor patio draped with stringed lights. What a fun place to go to enjoy your coffee and pastries on a warm spring evening.

A case full of delightful temptations. // Photo by: Katy Hill

I opened the door to the familiar smells of the beloved pastries and espresso. The open seating is more inviting than the smaller closed off spaces at Old City Java. The environment is bright and modern and rather refreshing. Don’t forget to check out the view of the bakery as well as the overflowing pastry case full of goodies that you won’t want to take your eyes off of.

A huge, buttery croissant waiting to be devoured. // Photo by: Katy Hill


Because I have indulged in this familiar coffee and espresso before, I decided to try one of their varieties of tea. The long list of choices caused me to really contemplate what I would be sipping on. I finally went with the Fiery Ginseng hot tea. The flavor profile included a spicy mix of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and other spices, so this was basically all the flavors I love in one cup. Right in front of my eyes, they scooped the loose leaf tea into homemade sachet tea bags and dropped it into hot water. It doesn’t get much fresher than that. The tea was incredibly invigorating with the subtle and sweet burn it left in the back of my throat.

To compliment my satisfying cup of strong hot tea, I enjoyed a signature flaky, buttery croissant. I don’t know who makes these at Wild Love and Java, but whoever it is, I want to meet them and hug them. I honestly think I could eat ten of them in just one sitting. The slightly sweet and crusty bites are the perfect relief from your strong coffee, spicy tea or creamy cappuccino. I cannot stress enough how necessary it is to try this classic pastry.

If you bring some friends along, I would suggest each ordering something different and tasting everything. There are so many tasty treats to try at this growing bake shop and coffee house! I also noticed a display of salads and croissant sandwiches. Ask the barista for more information on these new lunch items.

You can find Wild Love Bakehouse at 1625 N Central St. as well as on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Do yourself a favor and eat some croissants! And muffins and scones and tarts!

Photos by Katy Hill

Edited by Taylor Owens

Opinion: Second location for K-Brew, same great taste

[title_box title=”Opinion: Second location for K-Brew, same great taste”]

I have great news for all Knoxville coffee drinkers. Last Friday, K Brew opened a second location in the heart of downtown. The majority of coffee shops in my previous posts are located in areas where you will most likely have to drive to (including K Brew’s original location on N. Broadway). K Brew has considered this and decided to open its doors to the centralized community of downtown Knoxville and I simply could not resist!

A simplistic yet inviting shop. // Photo by: Katy Hill

Because this is simply an added location for the already successful Knoxville Brew, the quality holds the same high standards that I wrote about in this article last semester. This location, however, reaches out to a slightly different crowd of people.

The surprisingly small shop does not offer any indoor seating suggesting that you take your coffee to-go. Surrounded by corporate and federal buildings and a short walk from Market Square, K Brew is the perfect spot to go to for a quick lunch break, or as you swing by for a delicious brew as you stroll to the next local small business on a day off.

Read about each variety offered with detailed flavor profiles. // Photo by: Katy Hill

The simplistic and décor on the interior will leave you with a pleasant and brightened mood. Although the space is limited, it still feels open and inviting, creating a space for quick and easy conversation.

As I mentioned before, the second location produces coffee and espresso at the highest quality. I went with my usual yet again: a dirty chai latte. I simply cannot resist the flavor they create with the perfectly crafted steamed milk and espresso. Just the right amount of spice sits in the back of my throat just begging me to take another sip.

K Brew is currently serving Hidden House Coffee Roasters, and I cannot stop talking about this coffee. My partner tasted the Hambela roast from Ethiopia. We both agreed that the best way to describe it was smooth with a light feel, yet very bold in taste. This was definitely a favorite of ours.

Tasty snacks and bottled drinks also offered. // Photo by: Katy Hill

K Brew is also offering healthy and unique food items. A newly introduced Benton’s bacon wrap has joined the selection of chia seed yogurt, almond fig bites and other tasty treats. I honestly don’t know what could be more tempting.

Go ahead and treat yourself at both locations. The staff is friendly and always eager to answer your questions about coffee. You will most definitely find me there at the end of a hard week.

You can enjoy K Brew at 1328 N. Broadway and now at 800 Market St. You can also follow their social media sites as well as their website for more information.

Photos by Katy Hill

Edited by Taylor Owens

Opinion: A Valentine’s treat at Awaken Coffee

Valentine’s Day is among us, and what better way to impress your sweetie than bringing him/her to a lovely coffee shop for a post-dinner surprise? This day is all about love and giving and, of course, receiving. I have found the perfect place to end your evening out and I give you full permission to take credit for this excellent find that comes with a special treat (keep reading to find out more)!

A beautiful barista station with perfect lighting. // Photo by Katy Hill

A brand new coffee shop has taken over Remedy’s old building in the Old City. I have to say, I was quite excited to find out that I would be able to spend more time in this beloved and charming space. Although it will never be the same as the old Remedy, I was quite pleased by what this new shop has to offer.

So far, I have sipped on a simple black coffee and, of course, a dirty chai latte. To be frank, the dirty chai was not my favorite compared to some that I have had. However, this drink was still extremely tasty, included a sprinkle of cinnamon and had a beautiful and slightly sweet foam on the surface. I was also pleasantly surprised by the black coffee I had, as well. I enjoyed the tangy flavor with the smoothness as I drank every last drop.

This roasted marshmallow is ready to meet chocolate and graham cracker. // Photo by Katy Hill

So, it’s Valentine’s Day and you are searching for a way to really wow your date. So, what do you make? The answer is s’mores. That’s right, I said the word s’mores. You don’t have to stand outside in the 20 degree weather by a fire for a fantastic gooey little sandwich. Awaken has found a way to satisfy your sweet tooth in a unique way by offering a four person s’mores setup for your table. I have never heard of anything so incredible and creative for a coffee shop.

Think about how great you will seem as you order two lattes and s’mores for your date! I cannot think of a better place to go for dessert after your big dinner plans on Sunday. The ooey gooey mess will be such a fun way for the two of you to connect by laughing and getting a little sticky together.

No date for V-day? Grab a bunch of your gal pals and indulge yourself in this melty chocolate treat. Load up on some espresso while you are at it, and you girls will be ready to take on the town for a “Galentine’s Day” to remember.

Girl’s night with s’mores and a charming atmosphere. // Photo by Katy Hill

The charming exposed brick wall causes the space to have a warm and intimate feeling. Take notice to the paintings hanging on this brick as well as the comfy chairs in the little nooks at the front and the back of the shop. Awaken invites you to curl up with your coffee and simply enjoy the time you have with your loved ones.

Because this little shop is still new, it needs lots of love and has so much room for exploration. Now, let’s all go celebrate Valentine’s Day with two of our favorite things: s’mores and coffee. I will be seeing you all there very soon.

You can find Awaken Coffee at 125 W Jackson Ave. and on their official Facebook page.

P.S. ask about a blooming green tea. You will be shocked to see what you receive!

Photos by Katy Hill

Edited by Taylor Owens