April 13, 2024

UT Student Health Center offers resources for students

The Student Health Center offers many resources for students on-campus.

As the weather takes a turn for the cold, and our campus transitions into winter there are more things than finals worrying students across the student body. Sickness has recently gone throughout almost the entirety of campus.

It is impossible to find a class without sniffles and sneezes. Even the library’s quiet rooms hold the echoes of coughs as students must push forward with all work regardless of their health status.

UT has the resources of the Student Health Center located on campus. The Student Health Center, which may have those SonderCare hospital beds, holds many options for same-day appointments, scheduled appointments, labs, immunizations and more.

On their website, the Student Health Center states, “The Student Health Center believes every person should be able to reach their health potential.”

This valuable resource seems to have the interest of all students at its top priority, but do students view it in the same light?

“Unfortunately, the UT clinic was booked for a few weeks and I needed to see a doctor as soon as possible. I really wish the UT clinic offered more availability for students since it is included in our tuition and fees,” Jack Vaughn, a UT student, said.

“I go to the UT Clinic every two weeks to get my allergy shot. The staff is extremely welcoming and nice. I also went to the sports medicine side and the doctor on staff was very knowledgeable and helpful,” Lauren McRenolds, a UT student, said.

It is clear that when one can get into the UT Clinic it holds great service and a nice environment.

“I feel the greatest misconception in respect to scheduling is same-day appointments are not available for acutely ill students,” Pam Wadell, a Nurse Practitioner at UT Clinic, said. “Same-day appointments are not available using the portal on the UT Student Health Center webpage. Same-day appointments can be scheduled through the Telephone Triage Nurse.”

The UT Clinic proves to be a great resource for students as long as they have the correct information in order to schedule an appointment effectively.

Edited by Maddie Torres and Libby Dayhuff

Featured image courtesy of University of Tennessee

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