February 28, 2024

The student view of living and learning communities

UT provides incoming freshmen with an opportunity to meet and live with those who have similar interests.

As new students settle into their lives on Rocky Top, friendships are made, dorms are made into homes and their college experience begins.

One of the most daunting portions of college as a whole can be the transitioning period as a freshman.

Coming into an entirely new world of large classes, living with a roommate and even going to the dining halls, one way UT aids students with their transition is through the living and learning communities, or LLCs.

LLCs give students the option to live and learn with peers around them. The options are endless. Some of them include the Venture Business LLC, Honors LLC, ROTC LLC and Pre-med LLC. Any incoming student could find a home in one of the seventeen options. 

Although each LLC is different, UT describes them as “a community surrounded by a close-knit peer group, all pursuing a common goal or interest, as you develop relationships that aid in your transition to the University of Tennessee.”

Laura Snyder, a student in the pre-medicine LLC, said her experience in her LLC was impactful.

“The FYS 100 class we had to take [as part of the LLC] was impactful, but I wish we did more outgoing things like visit hospitals,” Snyder said.

First-Year Studies classes aim to ready students for their college experience. They benefit students all over campus, and some LLCs require them with their course load. This is the case for the Pre-Med LLC because they aim to ensure students have all the tools they can have to find success.

While they provide meaningful connections there is always room to improve, as Synder explained.

Timothy Plate, a student majoring in business analytics, said that he would “absolutely” recommend joining an LLC.

“Most of the people [he has] met have been through other students in the LLCs. It’s a great opportunity, and it’s a great place to find vols that help vols,” Plate said.

As possible freshmen begin applying to our great school, living and learning communities are definitely something to look into. 

Edited by Maddie Torres and Libby Dayhuff

Featured image courtesy of the Unversity of Tennessee, Knoxville 

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