May 18, 2024

McClung Museum’s last homeschool session of the semester

McClung Museum hosted 90-minute sessions designed for K-12 students to give the chance for children to experience hands-on learning.

On Dec. 2 at 10 a.m., the McClung Museum at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville hosted its last homeschool program: “ROCK On! Geology Part 1.” This session included information regarding rock cycles, types and more.

The McClung Museum holds 90-minute sessions designed for K-12 students to experience hands-on learning activities in the museum’s gallery once a month during the semester.

These sessions require online registration and a $5 fee for all students attending. Parents and chaperones are welcome to watch and interact with the children while kids participate in group activities.

During this 90-minute session, students learned about the rock cycle, rock types and plate tectonics. Volunteers guided the children working on their own projects with supplies provided.

“This event opens up opportunities for homeschooled students and is beneficial to them because of the adapted lessons they are taught out of context and their usual environment,” Leslie Chang Jantz, an event instructor, said.

The children experience a different learning environment in the museum while meeting new people.

Students were assisted in making their own visual projects based on the world and different rock types and cycles.

“The history and everything the kids learn is incredible. This is a great enrichment to what I already teach my daughter,” Roxanna Smith, a parent of a student attending the event, said.

The museum offers a learning environment for kids who may not experience these types of activities.

Bonding over new learning skills and the museum was the main purpose of the activities and event overall.

The McClung Museum has had several projects throughout the semester, such as Science in Motion. Though the geology part one session was the last of the semester for fall 2019, the homeschool sessions will begin again on Jan. 6 with geology part two.

Edited by Grace Goodacre and Ainsley Kelso

Featured photo by Holland White 

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