May 21, 2024

A big orange success: Big Orange Give 2019

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville reached its goal of $2.25 million in the Big Orange Give donation event.

On Nov. 13, the 24-hour fundraiser for Big Orange Give officially began. This online challenge is for alumni, friends, parents, students, faculty and staff to show their support to the University of Tennessee, Knoxville through monetary donations.

The 2019 Big Orange Give was planned around the celebration of UT’s 225th anniversary. The goal was to raise $2.25 million in one day. Anyone was welcome to donate online or attend the event to participate in the giving.

“Big Orange Give helps individual programs here in Knoxville and the entire school in general,” Jareli Aguilar, UT student, said. “I personally donated to the business program.”

Donors specified where they wanted their funds to be donated.

At the Tyson Alumni Center, volunteers and visitors were asked about their experience with Big Orange Give. Mallorie Mendence, director of special events and public relations, donates $100 to the school monthly.

“It’s a great way for many members of the volunteer family to come together to create a really big impact on the university,” Mendence said. “Last year, the 2018 Big Orange Give supported 142 different scholarship funds… so it’s a really important way for students to get private support.”

“My favorite part of this fundraiser was feeling good about the cause,” Parker Goeman, UT student, said. “I donated a small portion to the athletics program here at UT.”

The amount of money raised was more than expected.

Big Orange Give is an annual tradition at UT to support scholarships, programs and faculty. Last year, Big Orange Give received a donation of $1.45 million. This year, UT surpassed its goal of $2.25 million and instead reached approximately $2.55 million.

On Nov. 14, the UT community celebrated their donors and the impact the donors have on UT as a whole.

Edited by Grace Goodacre and Ainsley Kelso

Featured image by Holland White

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