July 18, 2024

Five Smaller Films To Look Out For In September

A quick list of five smaller movies releasing in September 2016 that could be overlooked due to a smaller budget or lack of promotion

With September hitting, football is beginning to ramp up and shows are concluding their summer seasons. With that comes extra attention on film advertisements rolling out for major motion pictures. TV spots for fall films will be laced across television screens nation wide, but more often than not, the more intriguing films go without any promotion whatsoever. Here’s a list of five smaller films that deserve your attention as the month of September rolls forward.

The 9th Life of Louis Drax
Release: Sept. 2, 2016
Rating: R

While not necessarily an “independent” film, 9th Life seems to be flying under the radar. It revolves around a boy who has experienced nine near-death experiences. After his ninth, a near fatal fall, doctors begin to examine his brain and try to figure out the secret to his strength. Mystery arises as an investigation is launched when people begin to wonder if Louis Drax was pushed into his recent fall. A target in this investigation is Peter Drax, his father, played by Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad, Need for Speed, BoJack Horseman), and the mystery unfurls further from there.

Release: Sept. 2, 2016
Rating: NR

Comic book movies have become more and more popular over the years, but few have combined actual comic books and the outside world like Zoom does. The quirky comedy stars Gael Bernal who plays an artist that loves to craft comic books, and is rather taken aback when one of her creations comes to life and starts living his own story. She expresses her own personal frustrations through annoying her little creation, which leads to him becoming frustrated. Creativity plays a huge part in Zoom, on many different levels. Zoom is on demand currently and will be have a limited theatrical release come Sept. 2nd.

Release: Sept. 9, 2016
Rating: R

The most dower film on this list is Demon, a psychological Polish horror film shown last year at the Toronto Film Festival. It focuses on a groom played by Itay Tiran as he falls deeper and deeper into despair and is consumed by an outside force. However, horror surrounding Demon spread outside the actual movie.. The director, Marcin Wrona, was found dead after committing suicide in Gdynia while his movie was being shown in the city’s festival. Demon was his final movie.

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week — The Touring Years
Release: Sept. 16, 2016
Rating: NR

Academy Award winning director Ron Howard (A Beautiful Mind) strays away from his fictional films to direct a documentary about arguably the most iconic band in music history. Eight Days a Week features 30 minutes of The Beatles’ Shea Stadium performance in 1966. The film is one of the few to receive interviews from all remaining members of The Beatles as well as the widows of John Lennon (Yoko Ono) and George Harrison (Olivia Harrison). The film will be released theatrically on Sept. 15 and streamed exclusively to Hulu on Sept. 17.

American Honey
Release: Sept. 30, 2016
Rating: R

Road trip films take a dark turn in American Honey, a movie about a young woman throwing aside her life to travel alongside a group of individuals selling magazines. This “business venture” quickly turns south as she realizes that things aren’t as simple as she expects. She gets pulled into an experience filled with con, drugs, and partying. American Honey also stars everyone’s favorite lost but never forgotten actor, Shia LaBeouf as the male counterpart alongside of our female protagonist played by Sasha Lane. The movie comes in with a runtime of 2 hours and 43 minutes and promises a long and winding road.


Edited by Kaitlin Flippo

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