Beauty Blog: 4 Spring Break must haves

In this week’s TNJN Beauty Blog, Somayea helps you pack your Spring Break makeup bag.

Spring Break is just around the corner, which means traveling to other places, especially warm ones, and packing your bags for the journey.

To help you pack your makeup bag, I’ll be showing you my four must haves. Feel free to add on anything further, but I think the last thing you want to worry about is your makeup wearing off while you’re out in the sun or with friends.


My first pick is a BB Cream or a lightweight foundation. BB creams are great because they are lightweight like a tinted moisturizer but give you a tad bit more coverage. It falls between a tinted moisturizer and the light coverage foundation. This is great for just chucking it into your travel makeup bag, since it’s not in a bottle or jar of sorts and is made of light material, so it won’t weigh your bag down. A squeeze tube is what you need for an easy on the go look. The BB cream above is the Maybelline PURE BB Cream which is made for oily skins, and right now, most people are getting oilier skin because of the heat and change of the season. If you have drier skin, Maybelline makes one called the Dream Fresh BB (it has a pink font instead of a teal one).


The second thing on the list is a colorful eye pencil. This one is from the Sephora Collection (it’s Sephora’s own brand, similar to how Walmart and Target have their own brands) called the Contour Eye Pencil in Purple Stilettos. The wonderful thing about using a colored eyeliner as opposed to a black one is that it shows that you went the extra mile on your makeup, when all you did was apply a colorful eye liner. This paired with a BB Cream and mascara would be an easy and simple everyday look you can wear while on vacation. There are a multitude of brands that carry colorful shades, such as the L’Oreal Infallible Silkissime Eyeliner which you can find at the drugstore. If you’re not ready to go for a bright purple, blue or teal color, wearing a forest green or navy blue eyeliner will still work well. It gives the familiarity of the dark black eyeliner you may be used to, while bridging the gap to colored eyeliner territory.


Next on the list is mascara but specifically waterproof mascara. A waterproof mascara is great because it will last all day, so you don’t have to worry about it flaking off. If you do go for a waterproof mascara, please make sure to use a eye makeup remover. This is so you’re not scrubbing your eyes with your regular face cleanser and water because it will not come off that way.


The last thing on the list is a colorful lipstick. This can be non-dramatic color, like the picture above, which is Wet n Wild Megalast lipstick in the shade Wine Room. I would describe the color as medium dusty rose lipstick. It can be dramatic and be a red, coral or even hot pink lip color. This is great to wear in the daytime, and it can go into the nighttime, so you don’t have to do anything with your makeup except touch up your lipstick. You can go for the traditional red, but a fun color like coral will give some interest without being too in your face. A bonus tip is if you don’t want to bring blush, you can use a tiny amount of lipstick, apply it on your cheeks and blend it out to create a replacement blush.

I hope this helped if you were confused about what makeup to pack for Spring Break if you don’t want to bring your whole collection with you. This is the most basic list, so feel free to add on if you want eyeshadow, a real blush and maybe more lip options.

Next week I’ll show a great colorful, yet wearable look that you can recreate if you felt this list was too tame.

P.S. Good luck on your midterms.

Edited by Maggie Jones

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