June 23, 2024

Beauty Blog: Easy eyeliner look for Volapalooza

In this TNJN Beauty Blog, Somayea shows how to create a simple eyeliner look for Volapalooza.

Tonight is the night. Volapalooza night that is! Even though it may get hot from all the people there, you can still wear a great eyeliner look that is different but not too wild and intricate.

20150424_101238As per usual, prime your lids. This will be extra important for tonight since you will be probably out for a long time.


Next apply a transition color which can be anything a shade or two into the crease. Use a crease brush for this. I used the ELF Crease Brush which is about $3.

20150424_101536For the lid color, I applied a dark taupe. A good drugstore find is the Wet n Wild Color Icon Single Shadow in Nutty. It’s around $2, and sometimes you can find a great deal on it. I used a flat shadow brush to pack this all over my lid. Then with the same crease brush I used earlier, I blended out any harsh lines.


Then, I did a thin winged line. If you struggle, then I created a mini tutorial on it which can be found here (x). I used the Wet n Wild Megaliner in Black to create this line.

20150424_102135Here’s the step that will set your liner apart from all of the other winged liner looks. Using the liquid liner I created three mini dots beneath the liner. Just give the liquid liner a light pressure onto your skin. I don’t have the best stability when it comes to my hands, and if you don’t either, then you can use a black pencil liner instead.

I hope this simple yet festive looks gets you into the mood to listen to the music tonight

Edited by Maggie Jones