Beauty Blog: How to make your lipstick last longer

When you finish doing your makeup, you want it to last right? This week’s blog post shows you how to keep your lipstick from fading.

When you finish doing your makeup, you want it to last right? You don’t want your mascara smearing, or flaking. You don’t want your eyeshadow to loose its intensity, and you definitely don’t want your lipstick to fade. Well today I’ll solve the answer to one of those three problems. Let me show you how to keep your lipstick from fading.

Let’s talk formula for a quick minute. There are many types of formulas out there when it comes to lipsticks. There are stains, lip/stain hybrid even liquid lipsticks. However that’s not what I’m talking about. . .

I’m talking about matte formula. A matte formula lipstick will your best bet for lasting throughout the day. Why? A matte formula is very drying, which can be a pain on your lips. That is the very magic that makes your lipstick lasting longer. How? Since it is so drying, it adheres to your lipstick better.

Formulation for matte lipsticks have come a long way from feeling dry as cement. If you’re still against the idea of matte lipstick, you can use a cream lipstick, which is a lipstick that has more moisture and slight shine to it.  You’ll just need to follow a few extra steps.



Starting with the basic, you will need to moisturize your lips before you apply your lipstick. You can slather on lip balm and then do the rest of your makeup. So by the time you come around to the lips, it should have fully absorbed the moisture from the lip balm.

If you have very dry lips, then I recommend using a very good and hydrating lip balm the night before a big event. It’s ideal to get your lips in shape a couple of days before an event so you have smooth lips for your lipstick to adhere to. You can take a wash cloth and with a cleanser or even just plain water, lightly scrub your lips to get rid of dead skin and then apply your lip balm. I recommend doing this method at night so the lip balm has time to heal any dryness. My favorite lip balm is the gem that is Lypsl. It works wonder on dry lips overnight and it’s the best on the market.


Next, if you want to add an extra layer of protection then you can use a “lip primer” such as the ELF Lip Lock Pencil.




This goes after your lip balm to help mattify your lips so that your lipstick adheres better. I’ll be using a matte lipstick (because most of my collection consists of matte lipstick). However as I said earlier cream lipstick lovers will have to take a few extra steps, and this is one of them. You can keep the moisture of cream lipstick while retaining the longevity of matte lipsticks. You would use this the same way you’d apply lip balm, however it has a waxy feel to it, so going over your lips once or at max twice, will do the job.


Here’s my lips with the Lip Lock Pencil

Next, take your favorite lip liner. If you don’t start a collection of lip liners like myself, then I recommend getting a nude lip liner. This will work with red lips, pink lips. You name it, it will work.

Now with a lip liner, it helps to dry out the lips further which again, allows the lipstick to adhere better and longer. You can also use a lip liner to perfect your lip shape. Just don’t pull a Kylie (Jenner) and overdraw your lips to the ninth degree. Just even out your lips, and that will make your lips look full enough.

Once you’ve outlined your lips, then go ahead and fill it in. This is so if your lipstick does fade slightly, there won’t be a weird starkness from the lip liner and lipstick.

Maybelline Color Sensational Toffee Lipliner
Lips filled in with the lip liner.

Another useful reason to have a nude is that it slightly lightens the color of your lip which allows the color to show up true to tube. As you can see in the previous picture of my life, the outer edge of my lips is dramatically differently from the rest of my lips. This helps to create a even tone so that there isn’t patches of different shades on my lips.



After filling in your lips, go ahead and take your lipstick (mine is Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick in Wine Room) and apply it straight from the tube. Try your best to steer clear of the outer line of your lips. We’ll be using a brush to clean that up later.


Lips8Speaking of brushes, take a small brush. I’m use the accent brush from Real Techniques Starter Kit (can be found at the University Common Walmart) and just using it in a similar way to the lip liner. I’m perfect my lip shape and get my the color very precisely where I want it.

If you do happen to accidentally line outside, then take a q-tip and put a little bit of lotion on it. Then use the q-tip and clean up the edges of your lips to give it that crisp edge.

Using a brush helps to get into places like the cupid’s bow. You can do the q-tip method, but smearing lipstick across can potentially stain and won’t wash off until you wash your face with a cleanser. So that’s why I recommend going brush first, and then q-tip last.




Here’s the finish look! A gorgeous matte lip that will last for hours with minimum touch ups.

This will not last through meals, because typically meals have some kind of oil or fat in them and therefore wipe off some of the product. I tend to eat how I feel and not worry about my lipstick when I’m hungry.


Some tips to keep in mind:

1. If you will be using a cream lipstick, you might want to take a tissue or even paper towel, and blot your lips and then reapply. This will help mattify one layer so that when you reapply it will stick better

2. If you will be wearing a bold lip such as red for an event then, please take care of your lips in advance leading up to the special event. This is so that you’re not worrying about having dry lips and why your lipstick doesn’t look great on a day that you’re supposed to shine.

3. If you feel like this is too matte or you want a little bit of shine. Feel free to apply some lip gloss.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this made your lipsticks a little bit happier!

Somayea is a junior at UT and an aspiring beauty blogger.

Edited by Maggie Jones



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