June 18, 2024

Month: September 2014

Opinion: Tips for finding that first job

Job searching. The daunting task that all of us soon-to-be-grads are constantly stressed about. I've done my fair share of scouring online classifieds for jobs in cities across the southeast. My recently panicked state has led me to read several articles that give advice for being more successful when it comes to searching for jobs. If anyone else out there is struggling to find a job, take a deep breathe, and read some of the helpful tips that I've learned from professionals.

International Festival allows graduates to display culture

The University of Tennessee’s Pedestrian Walkway was transformed into an educational voyage around the world on Friday, Sept. 26 for the annual International Festival. Participants included various student groups along with the school’s foreign language clubs. These groups represented their countries through food, dance, music and other traditional activities. Admission was free, but the food and crafts were for sale.