May 27, 2024

Nicholas Stokes

Big Bitcoin Bucks

Bitcoin, a new way to make peer-to-peer money transactions, is rapidly growing. The cryptocurrency has recently hit the $10,000 benchmark and looks to continue to grow. Many people worldwide are beginning to invest in the new electronic cash system which is causing a lot of people to question the way they use money today.

Stoked Radio Ep. 1 | “Laces, Cases, & Turnt Places”

Stoked Radio is the number one place for tunes, news and everything you. Join host Nicholas Stokes (New Paper Nick) and Trevor Bass on the first episode of Stoked Radio as they discuss many noteworthy topics such as Cam Newton's sexist remarks during a post-game interview, OJ's post-parole headlines, Nelly's latest rape accusations, and the collegiate homecoming season that is upon us.