May 27, 2024

Stoked Radio Ep. 1 | “Laces, Cases, & Turnt Places”

Stoked Radio is the number one place for tunes, news and everything you. Join host Nicholas Stokes (New Paper Nick) and Trevor Bass on the first episode of Stoked Radio as they discuss many noteworthy topics such as Cam Newton’s sexist remarks during a post-game interview, OJ’s post-parole headlines, Nelly’s latest rape accusations, and the collegiate homecoming season that is upon us.

Welcome to the first installment of Stoked Radio. Stoked Radio, a new weekly podcast hosted by Nicholas Stokes and Trevor Bass brings you information and entertainment about noteworthy topics of discussion and relevance within American society. The show provides a relaxed environment with a mixture of raw/uncut conversations and hip-hop music.

On the first episode of Stoked Radio, Stokes and Bass tackle Cam Newton’s latest scuffle with the media due to his sexist comments toward a Charlottesville Observer reporter, OJ Simpson’s latest post-release from prison headlines regarding a brothel incident, Nelly’s latest rape accusations while on tour with Florida Georgia Line, and the homecoming events at multiple universities within the state of Tennessee.

Check back here weekly for more information on Stoked Radio and to stay updated with the latest episodes. In the meantime, #StayStoked.

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