June 22, 2024

How to stay connected to campus this semester

Studying off-campus this semester? Check out a few tips that will help you stay connected to campus.

University of Tennessee, Knoxville Torchbearer stands among the changing leaves. Credits: UTK Website

Students and faculty at the University of Tennessee (UTK) have been wading through new challenges brought on from remote learning since last March. Online classes and social distancing are a few of the most prominent.

Living virtually for a year has established a new normal. First-year students have not experienced strolling through campus with friends, breathing in the fresh air or staying up late for cram sessions packed around a table in Hodges with study buddies. Game days are subdued due to social distancing measures and limited seating at events.

Eventually, we will get back to the normal we love in Big Orange Country. Until then, new guidelines and restrictions are in place so we can all be here to experience our campus when it is back to normal.

Attend virtual events

While the campus is not featuring many in-person events, there is a surplus of virtual events to attend. Many organizations and departments, like the Student Government Association and Campus Events Board, will hold virtual events throughout the semester.

Students can find events on the University of Tennessee events calendar, as well as on social media.

There are many clubs and organizations at UTK, whether you are interested in one based on culture, majors or hobbies.

Make friends in class

This can be a tough one, but it is not impossible. While we cannot lean over to the person next to us in a zoom class, we can communicate in other ways. Reach out to a few of the students in your zoom classes with the chat feature or old-school email. Students can also create a GroupMe to stay in touch and work together throughout the semester.

It is easy to feel isolated when taking online classes. Reaching out to others in your class is a great way to socialize and form study groups.

Social Media

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can be used to stay in touch with fellow Vols. There are many groups on Facebook targeted at various audiences on campus. From graduation classes to majors, Facebook is great for communicating with other UTK students.

Student organizations and clubs also tend to use social media as a communication platform. UT’s Student Government Association regularly posts on Instagram about events and happenings on campus.


There are a lot of resources available for UTK students struggling with academics, health and more.

Many professors have office hours or are willing to meet via zoom to clarify concerns or questions about the class. Also, do not be afraid to reach out to your professor.

The Math Place is online to help you with all levels of math. The Writing Center is also online and helps students with essays and writing assignments. However, if you have an overwhelming amount of assignments or if you are in need of help for the revision of your college thesis, then look no further than this essay writing service reddit here. They are always willing to offer their very commendable and excellent service!

The Student Success Center is located in room 324 of Greve hall and offers students a variety of tools to help them excel academically. The Student Success Center offers academic coaching sessions, tutoring and supplemental instruction both in person and online.

The Student Health Center is available for students concerned about their physical or mental well-being.  The Counseling Center is also available to students through the Student Health Center.

Edited by Ashley Depew and Christian Knox

Featured photo courtesy of  UTK Website