June 18, 2024

UT offers mobile VolCards

UT provides quick and easy access for your VolCard now that it is available for use on your phone.

UT now offers mobile versions of VolCards. Students, faculty and staff have the option to download the mobile VolCard.

How can you download mobile VolCard?

Students can now access their VolCard via mobile devices by using the GET mobile app. Once installed, students must select “University of Tennessee Knoxville” and then sign into their UTK account. This app requires students to create a four-digit pin and confirm their email address and phone number.

The GET app is currently only available on the ios app store. This app requires iPhone 6s/6s Plus and ios 13.1 or later.

Students can also access their VolCards on Apple Watches that are series three or later.

Once students have downloaded the GET app they can add their mobile VolCard to their Apple Wallet. To add it students must click the “add to my wallet” button.

How can you use mobile VolCard?

To use the mobile version of the VolCard, students need to hold their iPhone or Apple Watch near a reader where physical VolCards are accepted. However, Touch ID is not required while using the mobile VolCard.

The senior vice president for finance and administration, Chris Cimio, addressed the importance of mobile VolCards.

“As an institution that values innovation, it’s important to us that we are always adapting to the way students use technology to enhance the campus experience,” said Cimio. “Being able to access your VolCard on your mobile device is one of the many ways UT is constantly improving to meet expectations for a modern campus.”

On-campus, UT  is currently promoting students, staff and faculty to take advantage of this technology. This creates an efficient and innovative campus. To see more information on setting up your mobile VolCard click here

Edited by Maddie Torres and Libby Dayhuff

Featured image courtesy of UT News