April 24, 2024

Knoxville Pride Parade in Pictures

The Knoxville Gay Men’s Choir performed a routine set to pop songs such as a remixed version of Dancing Queen by ABBA.
Dancers of all ages participated in the parade.
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Drag Queens, the Knoxville Bear Club, School of Hard Knox for BDSM education, and the Volunqueers were some of the diverse groups that made up the parade.

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LGBTQIA issues are still controversial topics in many religious circles. The Unitarian Universalist Church and St. John’s Lutheran Church both marched for inclusion for the LGBTQIA community.


The UT Pride Center had a spot in the parade, some wearing shirts with their slogan “Vol Means All.” They were among several groups that carried large rainbow flags in the parade.
The center has had difficulty getting funding since Diversity Office lost funding in 2016, but participants still turned out for the parade.
Liberal groups such as the Women’s March movement have said that LGBTQIA rights are an integral part of their mission.
Mom’s demand Action marched to voice support for the LGBTQIA community.
“Queer liberation is not rainbow capitalism,” said the Democratic Socialists of America. The group, further left than any other in attendance, was founded in the 1980s, but has seen a surge in membership since the 2016 election.
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