April 22, 2024

Preview: Inside Joy Again, Knoxville concert

Tennessee Journalist writer Chelsea Babin previews the concert from the Philadelphia-based band Joy Again with an exclusive interview

Following its early 2017 debut EP, the Philadelphia five-piece band Joy Again announced a list of tour dates including a stop in Knoxville with headliner Furnsss Nov. 20 at the Pilot Light beginning at 9 p.m.

The group formed in 2015 when the members met at boarding school. They have since performed with acts like Car Seat Headrest, Shamir, Hinds, Daywave, and Hoops, making festival appearances at 35 Denton, Savannah Stopover, and SXSW, according to their official biography.  

With the upcoming show, Tennessee Journalist secured an exclusive short interview with the group.

TNJN: How did you all [JoyAgain] get started?

Joy Again: First steps at 3, first food at 7, first stocks at 12, bankrupt by 5 a.m.

T: How did you come up with the name?

J: We were at prom and [the name] sounded really nice.

T: Who or what are your musical influences?

J: Outkast, Pavement and Bryan Nowell.

T: What do you hope to accomplish with your music?

J: Make enough money to afford a plane ticket to Los Angeles.

T: Why play Knoxville– what does our scene have that others don’t?

J: The East Tennessee chili cookout, of course.

T: What are some random facts about each band member/band as a whole?

J: Tyndall- big guy

Sachi- slaps the wheel

Arthur- bowl cut

Will- Tinder master

Blaise- diabetes

T: How has the band evolved as a group?

J: [We’ve become] older and wiser.

T: Does anyone have any pre-show rituals?

J: Melatonin and a cup of coffee.

T: What is everyone’s favorite song that they’ve ever done?

J: “Hotline Bling”

T: Do you have any advice for aspiring music artists/bands?

J: It doesn’t happen, till it happens.

T: What is your favorite moment or memory since becoming a group?

J: One time Tyndall was asleep in the car with his mouth open and [a member] put a lit cig in his mouth.

T: What’s next?

J: We’re going on tour this week and also going on tour in January/February with Rostam and then maybe making a record and then [I don’t know].

T: What was it like creating your newest package of songs?

J: We made them mostly over in the internet and had additional help from some more people. [It] was cool to branch out and work with others, especially the talented minds who worked on these songs. Hopefully we can do it again in the future!

Caleb Laven, who produced Frank Ocean’s “Blonde & Endless,” produced Joy Again’s “Kim” + “On A Farm.”

Joy Again released “Kim” + “On A Farm” as a single package set with Never Grow Up Records, showcasing their unique style and ability to merge genres together. Joy Again’s storytelling through song continues to win-over internet underground music fans. Media outlets like “NME” and “FADER” have also noticed and applauded the group.

Joy Again has released previous debut singles on “Mom + Dad” (U.S.) and “Lucky Number” (U.K.). Their latest EP on Never Grow Up Records can be heard here.

Featured Photo: Caro Ramierz

Edited by Lexie Little

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