June 21, 2024

S.O.S. Jonas Brothers reunite after nearly 6 years

The Jonas Brothers are back with their new hit “Sucker”

Christopher Simon from Pasadena CA, USA [CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)]

The brotherly trio is back and are “Burnin’ Up” the music charts this week.

Nearly six years after their separation, Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas reunite and release a new song with an accompanying music video.

“Sucker” by the Jonas Brothers dropped at midnight on Friday morning. The brothers announced their reunion Thursday via social media and fans immediately went crazy.

Jonas Brothers deleted nearly all of their previous tweets on their Twitter account and put up a black profile and header photo. The first tweet disclosed the midnight release of “Sucker.” Following that, they shared a tweet with a video that read: “We’re baaaccckkkk…” The video teased their upcoming appearances on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

These simple tweets caused a frenzy among JB fans and they could not keep calm.

The Jonas Brothers will be nightly guests on the Late Late Show Monday, March 4 through Thursday, March 7.


“Sucker”: the song 

Nick kicks off the first second of the song a capella with “we go together/…” and then the instrumentation starts and he finishes with “better than birds of a feather, you and me/…” The instrumentation starts soft with just a few varying sounds and works up to the catchy pop medley that includes a variety of sound. 

This sound is drastically different than the rock-pop that the brothers once were six years ago with their songs “Burnin’ Up,” “Year 3000,” “S.O.S.” and “Paranoid.”

“Sucker” incorporates a variety of genres–R&B, rock, alternative/indie, contemporary and pop. The upbeat melody includes whistles and hand claps that are similar to some indie-pop songs that have been released in the last few years.

The brothers sing about their love for their loves–Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner and Danielle Jonas. The chorus especially shows their admiration: I’m a sucker for you/You say the word and I’ll go anywhere blindly/I’m a sucker for you, yeah/Any road you take, you know that you’ll find me/I am a sucker for all the subliminal things/No one knows about you (About you), about you (About you)/And you’re making the typical me break my typical rules/It’s true, I’m a sucker for you, yeah”.

They have definitely caught the “LoveBug.”

The lyrics of the song are fairly simplistic–with only two verses, and a repeating pre-chorus and a chorus. The lyrics encompass, however, the devotion to their respected loved ones. Nick, Joe and Kevin harmonize beautifully during parts of the pre-chorus and chorus. Then, Nick takes the lead in both verses. The last line of the first verse is a reference to Nick and Kevin’s weddings: “I’m feeling heat in December when you’re ’round me.” Nick and Chopra had a wedding in December 2018. Kevin married Danielle back in December 2009. Will the trend continue with Joe and Turner with a marriage in December?

Aside from the musicality, “Sucker” is not much different thematically from what the brothers previously were known for. Most of their songs were about love–whether that be lost love, finding love or being in love. Since its midnight release, “Sucker” is in the top five of the Best of the Week music chart on the iTunes app. It has knocked “Shallow” by Lady GaGa and Bradley Cooper to the number two spot on the top songs chart on the app.


“Sucker”: the music video

The music video can, ultimately, speak for itself. However, there are important elements to note. The music video features the three loves in the Jonas’ lives. The brothers wove various references throughout the video along with these appearances, tying it all together.  

The video is set in a lavish mansion in England and everyone is wearing wild, extravagant clothing–it’s all very vibrant, big and slightly strange.

In the video, the brothers are putting on a private concert for their significant others. Nick sports an all red velvet looking suit with just the vest, Joe wears an all black velvet suit and Kevin is dressed in a red and black sequin suit. Everyone’s outfits change throughout the video but remain wildly colorful.

Throughout the entire video, Alice in Wonderland references are made with mazes, rabbits, parties and–most importantly–a tea party.

There is even a slight bondage reference where Joe is tied up and his fiancé, Turner, looks on as she sits on a throne.

Wild parties breakout all over the estate. There are people walking Corgis in reference to the Queen’s corgis. There is fencing taking place, and even bathing in the courtyard (where they can be seen enjoying candy suckers). They really are partying like royalty.

All three of the girls gave shoutouts on their Instagrams and made references to the J Sisters--a nickname they use on social media.  

“This is the first time we’ve worked together but not for a moment did it feel like work,” Chopra wrote on Instagram. “Such a fun family affair…#JonasBrothers and the #JSisters cheering each other on! Proud of you husband.”

“Sucker” is on all of the charts today and the video was number one on Youtube‘s trending chart. The brothers tweeted about how much they enjoyed creating the video.

We really had the best time shooting this video in England with our family,” the band tweeted. “Hope you guys love it. Feels good to be back.” 

Edited by Grace Goodacre and Maddie Torres

Featured photo from Wikimedia Commons