Jackson Terminal hosts annual indie craft festival

The Retropolitan Craft Fair brings indie craft vendors from the southeast to showcase and sell handmade treasures.

This past Saturday Nov. 19, the Retropolitan hosted their annual indie craft festival at the Jackson Terminal in the Old City.

This craft fair brings top vendors from all across the southeast. The craft fair was full of activity with attendees of all ages.

Many of the vendors had various hand-made jewelry that was different at each booth. There were also many different food trucks in attendance as well as a drink station that was serving hot coffee, hot chocolate and regular sodas.

“I like how there are so many unique pieces at the different booths. It reminds me of a craft fair I went to in Savannah, Georgia a few years ago,” said Emma Higgins who was attended the festival with her daughter.

The event as a whole contained many different retro styles of clothing, bags and jewelry.

“I’m glad I came with my niece because I’ve been working on my Christmas list and I still lacked a gift for my granddaughter and I figured she would like one of these wrap bracelets,” Janet Nunly, another attendee, said.

For more information on the Retropolitan Craft Fair, visit their website.

Featured Image by Emily Haskew

Edited by Kaitlin Flippo

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