Corn maze brings Halloween to Greenback

Maple Lane Farms hosted its 18th annual corn maze this month.

Credit: Paulbr75/creative commons

Maple Lane Farms is often the talk of East Tennessee — this year’s Luke Bryan Farm Tour and the annual haunted corn maze, in particular, have drawn a lot of attention. This past Saturday was no exception, as the haunted corn maze’s return brought plenty of public attention.

The maze, which is in its 18th year, is priced at $13 a person. Flashlights are required for all participants and cost an extra $2 or $3.

The screams of fear and excitement can be heard before even stepping foot on the farm. With a ticket in hand, maze-goers are given a map and sent out into the maze. Chainsaws as well and other creepy sound effects echo through corn add to the atmosphere.

“It was fun, but wasn’t that scary,” Angeline Quinn, a haunted corn maze participant, said. “The people scaring needed to be spread out a little more, and there were too many chain saws.”

Another maze customer, Abigayle Pollock, had something similar to say.

“It was a great outing to experience with friends, however their scare tactics need to be improved.”

The haunted maze runs through Oct. 30 and is located at 1126 Maple Lane in Greenback, Tenn.

Edited by Nathan Odom

Featured image by Paulbr75, obtained through Creative Commons

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