July 18, 2024

Opinion: Kanye West performs innovative, sold-out show in Music City

Arriving on stage an hour and a half after scheduled show time, Kanye West performed to a sold-out crowd at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tenn. on Saturday, Sept. 24.

Kanye West appeared out of a mist of smoke onto his state-of-the-art boxing-ring size, floating stage, an hour and a half after the scheduled show time. Every person in the stands caught a glimpse of “Yeezy” as he soared across Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tenn. on Saturday, Sept. 24.

With no opening act, it was clear that West was the main event. The sold-out, diverse crowd, that only West himself could bring together, was electric. Fans were fist bumping, jumping, reciting the well-known lyrics and recording and sharing the event using social media.

Accompanied by the innovative floating stage was a field of lights that stretched across the arena. West used them as a breather in-between a set of songs. The lights, as well as the stage, are an example of how West has became one of the most sought-after concert shows, making use of his resources and creating art at his shows. The lights would shift and slant in the colors of orange, red and yellow over the crowd, and at one point the lights and stage connected and angled diagonally for one song.

Halfway during the 30 song set list, West ranted for 15 minutes about his critics, his recent fashion show and how he wants to lower the price of his merchandise to as low as “Walmart and Target.”

West ended the show with a few throwback favorites including “All of the Lights” which features Rihanna, “Good Life” and “Stronger,” before ending with “Ultralight Beam.”

The merchandise lines were long and the wait for West was longer; but, the common feeling after the show was that it was a masterpiece. It was a show, and a night, you never want to forget.

Featured image by Kayla Marcum

Edited by Kaitlin Flippo