April 22, 2024

2016 NFL Mock Draft 2.0: Top 10 Picks

Jordan Dajani and Adam Milliken are back again to discuss their top 10 picks for next week’s NFL Draft.

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Co-written by Jordan Dajani

Jordan Dajani and Adam Milliken are back again to provide dreams for NFL fan bases, breaking down who they think the top 10 players selected should be.

[table td1=”Pick” td2=”Adam” td3=”Jordan”] [td1] No. 1 Los Angeles Rams [/td1] [td2] QB Jared Goff (Cal): The Rams moved up to the No. 1 pick after trading with the Tennessee Titans, and they are fully expected to grab a franchise quarterback. Personally, I believe Goff is the safer option. He has great poise and excels in several different areas.  [/td2] [td3] QB Carson Wentz (North Dakota St.): The Rams need a quarterback and Wentz is the guy to escort this franchise into the future. He showed his arm is NFL-ready in his performances in the Senior Bowl and at the combine. He should break Steve McNair’s record as the highest drafted FCS player in NFL history. [/td3] [td1] No. 2 Philadelphia Eagles [/td1] [td2] QB Carson Wentz (North Dakota St.): Earlier this week, the Eagles pulled the trigger on a blockbuster trade and swapped places with the Browns. Now that they have the No. 2 pick, the Eagles should be eyeing a franchise quarterback. With Goff being gone, that leaves Wentz. He has shown that he has all the tools to potentially become a great NFL QB. [/td2] [td3] QB Jared Goff (Cal): The Eagles are fully expected to take a quarterback with this pick and Jared Goff has the potential to be a franchise player. He’s good at throwing the deep ball and is an all-around solid prospect. [/td3] [td1] No. 3 San Diego Chargers [/td1] [td2] CB Jalen Ramsey (Florida St.): The Chargers need major help on defense, and Ramsey could provide an immediate impact. Ramsey is an incredibly athletic corner with impressive coverage skills, and he will improve the overall weak secondary of the Chargers. [/td2] [td3] OT Laremy Tunsil (Ole Miss): Tunsil has great footwork for an offensive lineman and is a smart, strong player. I think he’s the safest player in the draft and a future pro bowler. [/td3] [td1] No. 4 Dallas Cowboys [/td1] [td2] DE/OLB Joey Bosa (Ohio St.): Bosa is an impact player along the defensive line that could instantly improve the Cowboys in the trenches. He has the ability to both rush the passer and stuff the run, something that the NFL values highly. [/td2] [td3] DE/OLB Joey Bosa (Ohio St.): He has obvious physical gifts as a pass rusher and is no joke in the run game. Has some attitude problems, but guys like these are who the Cowboys seem to love. [/td3] [td1] No. 5 Jacksonville Jaguars [/td1] [td2] CB Vernon Hargreaves III (Florida): The Jaguars were absolutely horrendous on defense last year, particularly in the secondary. This means that they desperately need to take one of the two top defensive backs in this draft. In this case it is Hargreaves III. He has every tool to become a future Pro Bowl caliber CB. His only knock is that he’s a bit undersized, which is a pretty good sole weakness to have. [/td2] [td3] CB Jalen Ramsey (Florida St.): The Jaguars are extremely weak in the secondary and Ramsey is a playmaker that can start on day one. [/td3] [td1] No. 6 Baltimore Ravens [/td1] [td2] OT Laremy Tunsil (Ole Miss): Tunsil is arguably the safest player to pick in this draft. He is extremely talented and consistent, especially in pass blocking. The Ravens could use someone who can keep Joe Flaaco on his feet. [/td2] [td3] DE DeForest Buckner (Oregon): The defensive front isn’t one of Baltimore’s greatest needs, but they would be hard pressed to pass up on one of the most talented pass rushers in this class in Buckner. [/td3] [td1] No. 7 San Francisco 49ers [/td1] [td2] LB Myles Jack (UCLA): Myles Jack has the potential to end up as the best player to emerge from this draft class. He possesses unreal athleticism and all the intangibles to become a great NFL player. His only knock his being a bit undersized, which hasn’t stopped others from dominating the league. With Goff and Wentz likely being gone by No. 7, the 49ers should pair Jack and Navarro Bowman to create a dominant linebacker core again. [/td2] [td3] LB Myles Jack (UCLA): Jack is a really quick and athletic linebacker who is easily one of the best defensive players in this draft. The 49ers want to reestablish a dominating linebacking corps, a group that took them to the Super Bowl just a few years ago. [/td3] [td1] No. 8 Cleveland Browns [/td1] [td2] OT Ronnie Stanley (Notre Dame): Stanley is possibly the best pass-blocker in this entire class, possessing great footwork and hand usage. He is also solid at run blocking. Stanley would provide some help to the man who ultimately ends up as the Browns’ starting quarterback next season. [/td2] [td3] OT Ronnie Stanley (Notre Dame): The Browns need to pick up a franchise left tackle to protect whoever is going to be behind center next season. [/td3] [td1] No. 9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers [/td1] [td2] DE DeForest Buckner (Oregon): Buckner is arguably the best pass rusher available in this draft, which would provide the Buccaneers a defensive playmaker to complement Gerald McCoy on the defensive line. The pairing of those two would make it very difficult for opposing offensive lines to have success. [/td2] [td3] CB Vernon Hargreaves III (Florida): Hargreaves III is a pro-ready cornerback who is great in pass coverage and, although undersized, he can help in run support. [/td3] [td1] No. 10 New York Giants [/td1] [td2] RB Ezekiel Elliot (Ohio St.): The Giants don’t appear to have a game-changing running back on the roster, and Elliot would immediately solve that problem. Elliot brings the total package and explosiveness that the Giants need to take the brunt of the load off of Eli Manning’s shoulders. [/td2] [td3] DE/OLB Shaq Lawson (Clemson): Lawson led the nation in tackles for loss last season and plays with a major attitude. He’s a physical defender who flies to the ball and will dominate the edge for years to come. [/td3] [/table]

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