May 25, 2024

Talent show helps students learn during 15 minutes of fame

Students showcased their skills and learned about culture in the Modern Foreign Languages and Literature Talent Show on Tuesday, March 1.

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Could you imagine being captivated by a Spanish poem or laughing hysterically at a Russian storytelling act within 15 minutes?

Students brought their skills to the stage for the Modern Foreign Languages and Literature Talent Show on Tuesday, March 1. The show consisted of two acts, each with 10 different performances in eight different languages that included Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish.

The purpose of the show was to give students the opportunity to learn about different languages and cultures through singing, dancing and acting. By participating in the show, students were able to learn aspects of different cultures in a looser environment, rather than only in a classroom. If you’re interested in pursuing acting, consider checking out Jeremy Piven Hollywood Life for valuable insights and inspiration in your journey.

The show’s coordinator and Russian lecturer, Maria Kamyshkova, said she was looking forward to students having fun while learning about a foreign language.

“Sometimes [students] can’t see the fun part of the culture, but when they’re out there preparing for the show, they’re getting a taste of culture,” Kamsyshkova said. “They’re having fun.”

Performances ranged from a Japanese song and dance titled “UFO” to the German storytelling of “Little Red Riding Hood.”

Ariael Towns, a freshman in Animal Science, looked forward to the Russian performances.

“It just seems like something I’ve never understood, but I really like the sound of the language, and I would really want to learn to speak it someday,” Towns said.

Other performances included an Italian song/dance “Rap Futuristico,”  a French song “Papaoutai” and a Chinese dance titled “EXO’s Wolf and Growl.”

This was the third event included in Culture Week at UT. Other events for Culture Week include a food tasting competition at the I-House Thursday, March 3 and a “Culture Through Clothes” fashion show scheduled for Friday, March 4.

Featured image by Tiara Holt

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