July 19, 2024

Opinion: Romance your sweetheart with the perfect playlist for V-Day

Music Blogger, David Bradford, gives you the perfect V-Day playlist for you and your loved ones.

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Ladies and gentlemen–couples and single-for-lifers, the day of love is almost upon us. What could be more important than an assortment of beautiful flowers and a romantic dinner? Well, I’ll tell you– it’s the right music to make you feel that love is in the air.

Feb. 14 symbolizes the power of love, as well as the many forms love can take. So, in honor of the many forms of love, I have compiled a 19-song playlist that represents Valentine’s Day in the most appropriate way. Feel free to share it with that special guy or gal of your choosing.

Featured Image courtesy of creativecommons.org

Edited by Jessica Carr