Opinion: A Valentine’s treat at Awaken Coffee

Katy Hill reviews the sweet treats at Awaken Coffee just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is among us, and what better way to impress your sweetie than bringing him/her to a lovely coffee shop for a post-dinner surprise? This day is all about love and giving and, of course, receiving. I have found the perfect place to end your evening out and I give you full permission to take credit for this excellent find that comes with a special treat (keep reading to find out more)!

A beautiful barista station with perfect lighting. // Photo by Katy Hill

A brand new coffee shop has taken over Remedy’s old building in the Old City. I have to say, I was quite excited to find out that I would be able to spend more time in this beloved and charming space. Although it will never be the same as the old Remedy, I was quite pleased by what this new shop has to offer.

So far, I have sipped on a simple black coffee and, of course, a dirty chai latte. To be frank, the dirty chai was not my favorite compared to some that I have had. However, this drink was still extremely tasty, included a sprinkle of cinnamon and had a beautiful and slightly sweet foam on the surface. I was also pleasantly surprised by the black coffee I had, as well. I enjoyed the tangy flavor with the smoothness as I drank every last drop.

This roasted marshmallow is ready to meet chocolate and graham cracker. // Photo by Katy Hill

So, it’s Valentine’s Day and you are searching for a way to really wow your date. So, what do you make? The answer is s’mores. That’s right, I said the word s’mores. You don’t have to stand outside in the 20 degree weather by a fire for a fantastic gooey little sandwich. Awaken has found a way to satisfy your sweet tooth in a unique way by offering a four person s’mores setup for your table. I have never heard of anything so incredible and creative for a coffee shop.

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Think about how great you will seem as you order two lattes and s’mores for your date! I cannot think of a better place to go for dessert after your big dinner plans on Sunday. The ooey gooey mess will be such a fun way for the two of you to connect by laughing and getting a little sticky together.

No date for V-day? Grab a bunch of your gal pals and indulge yourself in this melty chocolate treat. Load up on some espresso while you are at it, and you girls will be ready to take on the town for a “Galentine’s Day” to remember.

Girl’s night with s’mores and a charming atmosphere. // Photo by Katy Hill

The charming exposed brick wall causes the space to have a warm and intimate feeling. Take notice to the paintings hanging on this brick as well as the comfy chairs in the little nooks at the front and the back of the shop. Awaken invites you to curl up with your coffee and simply enjoy the time you have with your loved ones.

Because this little shop is still new, it needs lots of love and has so much room for exploration. Now, let’s all go celebrate Valentine’s Day with two of our favorite things: s’mores and coffee. I will be seeing you all there very soon.

You can find Awaken Coffee at 125 W Jackson Ave. and on their official Facebook page.

P.S. ask about a blooming green tea. You will be shocked to see what you receive!

Photos by Katy Hill

Edited by Taylor Owens

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