April 24, 2024

Opinion: Makers gonna make delicious donuts

Katy Hill reviews Makers, Knoxville’s first gourmet donut shop.

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Donuts. A word that makes all smile and feel good inside. A word that makes us all say “yes please” with only a slight thought about those naughty calories. Let’s be honest though, if it is well made, you have to just embrace that caloric value and enjoy the donut!

One happy customer on a cold and early morning. // Photo by: Katy Hill

Knoxville, the time has finally come… we now have a gourmet donut shop! As I promised last week, I paid a visit to Makers Donuts on their opening day. Along with many other people, I stood in line at 7:15 on a chilly Friday morning so that I could try a free and delicious homemade donut. At this point in my life, I had only eaten the classic Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts. However, my donut world changed as soon as I received the beautiful masterpiece after a short fifteen minute wait.

On this special opening day, Makers only offered two of their gourmet flavors to choose from. I tried the maple bacon and my friend who wanted to tag along (for obvious reasons) tried the chocolate ganache with sea salt. Both of these flavors were so incredible. Mine had a perfect balance of sweet and salty with a satisfying natural flavor. My friend’s choice had an incredibly rich chocolate flavor that was saved by the sprinkle of salt on top.

When you receive one of these unique donuts, you may notice that the consistency is different than your average store-bought doughnut. The outside is crispy and has a beautiful snap when you break it open to reveal the soft and fluffy inside. That added crunch is what makes Makers cake donuts so addicting.

Maple bacon and chocolate ganache. // Photo by: Katy Hill

The shop is small, but cute and charming at the same time. A glass case displays everything you would want to see as you walk into a gourmet donut shop. Large letters on the wall spell out “Makers Gonna Make” above a small bar where seating is available. Although the size of the space would have a negative effect for most other businesses, Makers has carefully thought this through because you will be able to walk outside with your donut, take two steps, and take a seat in the spacious Remedy Coffee to enjoy your piece of heaven with a crafted espresso drink or coffee.

Are you just swinging by before work and don’t have time to order your coffee and donut in separate places? Yeah, they thought about that one too. Makers has given you the option to order a coffee and donut combo to save you some time. You are given the perfect opportunity to enjoy the best coffee with the only hand crafted gourmet donut in town. I actually cannot think of anything better than that.

Charming and simple interior. // Photo by: Katy Hill

I look forward to many more donuts in my future, especially during my much appreciated visits to Remedy. I would definitely suggest trying the maple bacon donut as well as some of their other intriguing flavors such as lemon drop, cider mill, and matcha green tea (I think that will be my all-time favorite).

I have just given you every reason to go try out this magical place. Have a chat with the employees and ask about the owners and their journey through opening up these two amazing businesses. They should be rewarded for all of the hard work they have put in these past few months. You may turn around and see me also waiting in line because I think I will be here at least once a week.

You can only get these donuts limited times during the week so check out their website or their Facebook page for more information and updates.

Life is short, eat the dang donut.

Photos by Katy Hill

Edited by Taylor Owens

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