May 21, 2024

Opinion: New beginnings, same traditions at Remedy Coffee

Katy Hill continues her coffee blog at the newly re-opened Remedy Coffee.

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As the temperatures quickly drop here in East Tennessee, the actual need for a hot cup of coffee in a warm environment greatly increases. This small treat will soon transform into a necessity during these chilly winter months.

I have decided to extend my coffee shop journey during this semester because I simply cannot stay away. I experienced a small issue at the end of last semester when I wanted to save my last post for my favorite coffee spot in town. When it was time to begin the review, Remedy was temporarily closed because they moved from Jackson Avenue to Tyson Street.

The change was bittersweet for me because of the many memories I had made in their antique Old City location, but I trusted that whatever changes they would make, they would be done right and done well. The wait was absolutely worth it.

Remedy’s open concept allows for extra space and inviting conversation. //Photo by Katy Hill

My mouth dropped to the ground as I walked into the new building for the first time. A sleek, modern look takes over the interior with couches and comfy chairs, as well as high top and low top table seating. The exposed beam ceiling opens up the space, yet also feels inviting. What truly makes this new location unique is the large sliding barn door on the far wall and the words “Coffee & Conversation” in large print on the same wall.

Those words speak the truth because you will almost always walk into a small crowd of individuals on their laptops, baristas sharing their knowledge, or friends simply catching up. The extra space has benefitted Remedy greatly and adds character to the atmosphere.

Now, I must talk about the actual coffee because that’s what I am here for, right? Remedy serves Intelligentsia Direct Trade coffee originally from Chicago. I have quickly fallen in love with Intelligentsia coffee because of the fresh, seasonal variety along with unique roasts.

This is usually my favorite place to just order a simple black coffee, but I am currently enjoying one of the best cappuccinos in town. The perfectly crafted steamed milk and silky foam combined with Intelligentsia espresso make for a truly special coffee experience. My favorite way to enjoy a black coffee at Remedy is French Press style. They steep the coffee grounds, perfectly press them, and then serve it up in the actual press itself alongside an empty mug ready to be filled.

Remedy’s fresh cold brew on tap along with an assortment of flavored syrups. //Photo by Katy Hill

Even though the weather is brutal, I would suggest trying the house-made cold brew on tap. It is unusual to see a cold brew coffee coming out of what looks like a beer tap, but it is the most unique tasting experience and what makes the creativity of Remedy shine. Its bitter chicory flavor is bold and refreshing, and if you don’t like black coffee, you can add in any flavor you crave! I once tried the lavender cold brew and it was nothing like anything I have ever tasted.

Assorted local pastries are offered to go along with your coffee drink, and I fully support trying some. However, in the coming week, you will not have to worry about deciding between a muffin and a biscotti because Remedy will be opening up an artisan donut shop called Makers right next door! They’ve made it easy on us coffee and donut lovers and placed the two shops within a few steps of each other. What a perfect time to warm up with some coffee and begin this semester on a happy and relaxed note.

I think it is obvious where I will be going to write my next post!

Also, ask a barista about the owners and Knoxlife Church to see how they are contributing to the community.

You can find Remedy at 800 Tyson Street Knoxville, TN 37917 and visit them on their website.

Photos by Katy Hill

Edited by Taylor Owens 

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