Profile: Rising electronic producer ‘Big Wild’ makes Knoxville debut

After almost 10 years of making remixes from his computer, rising electronic producer is coming to Knoxville Friday with GRiZ at the International. While he has only been performing for nine months, he has already toured with several electronic producers and has released his first single “Aftergold.”

Photo courtesy of Big Wild.

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Jason Stell began making music from his computer and putting electronic remixes of popular songs on SoundCloud between his eighth and ninth grade

Cover of Big Wild's single, "Aftergold." // Photo courtesy of Big WIld.
Cover of Big Wild’s single, “Aftergold.” // Photo courtesy of Big WIld.

school year. Now 25, Stell has released a single called “Aftergold,” and has started to make a career as Big Wild.

Stell signed with Pitch Perfect PR and has only been consistently performing for around nine months, but has already toured with Gramatik, Kodak to Graph and ODESZA, and is currently touring with GRiZ.

“I wanted to make music my career within the first year of me producing (…), focusing on trying to be original and getting there with my collabs,” he said. “Now a lot of things are starting to set in place and (…) taking things to the next level.”

It wasn’t until a trip to California he took two years ago that he was inspired to make a career for himself. Something about the area’s landscape and his experiences inspired his stage name and his “adventurous” music style.

“I just love making music. That’s pretty much what it comes down to,” he said. “I also love surprising people in terms of making something that people can really get into while being something they haven’t really heard of before.”

Picture of Jason Stell. // Photo courtesy of Big Wild.
Picture of Jason Stell. // Photo courtesy of Big Wild.

Stell describes his music as a fuse between hip-hop and electronic. He has electronic music playing during live performances, but he also plays different instruments including piano and drums.

He and his management team have started what he calls the “Big Wild Project,” trying to expand people’s taste in electronic music and sound. He hopes that people will listen to his spin on electronic music openly.

“(I wanted to be) doing something different and kind of pushing boundaries,” he said.

Stell considers making sure that his audience is having a good time as most important.

“The ability to connect with people and share with people my goals with my music, if they can connect with that then it’s a really good feeling,” he said.

Stell advises those interested in joining the music industry to improve or learn how to write songs and produce music, learn at least one instrument to “engage more with your audience” and put music on SoundCloud so agencies can find it.

While he does not believe he has made it yet, Stell appreciates the fans who have been on his journey from the beginning. He says they are his motivation to stick to what he is doing.

“I’ve put so much time making my music and working on my craft, and worked with a group to bring my music to new outlets and help give me direction,” he said. “That has really helped speed things up and my following of people who even know me.”

Big Wild is playing with GRiZ on Friday, Oct. 9 at the International. Doors open at 9 p.m. Tickets range between $15 and $40, and can be purchased at the door, or online at

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