May 18, 2024

SGA holds first meeting, swears in 14 new senators

UT’s Student Government Association held its first meeting on Tuesday, August 26, in the University Center’s Shiloh Room. During the meeting, senate leaders brought up changes and upcoming events, while also swearing in 14 new senators.

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(From left to right) Blake Roller, Leala Marlin, Greg Butcher, Andrew McNicholas, Connor Dugosh, Katelyn Hadder, and Kelsey Keny conduct the first senate meeting of the year.

The University of Tennessee Student Government Association held its first senate meeting of the year on Tuesday, Aug. 26, in the University Center, discussing  plans to recreate their image and swearing in 14 new senators.

Senate Chair Blake Roller began the meeting by opening the floor to the public including Traditions Director Brittany Bender who asked for any interested students to sign up.

SGA leaders then introduced themselves to the new senators, including the student representative on the Board of Trustees, R.J. Duncan.

SGA President Kelsey Keny shared the story of a campaign at the University of Georgia to get rid of the SGA, saying that it proved that SGA was not involved with its students when there was no change.

“I just took it as a challenge to not be a student government that in one year someone could take away, and there wouldn’t be any change,” said Keny. She stated that their new tagline is “Everyone’s a member,” as SGA strives to become more involved with the students.

“We do not want to be known as that student government senate who didn’t do anything but argue,” said Roller. “We want to be the senate who actually got things accomplished and got things done so that we all have a legacy.”

Students being sworn in as new SGA senators.
Students are sworn in as new SGA senators.

SGA Vice President Connor Dugosh said that SGA is in the middle of a constitutional review to make sure that it represents every member.

“We want to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to represent all students because that’s what our job is,” said Dugosh. He then swore in the new senators.

Roller continued to talk to the new senators about orientation and their future in SGA. “You’re here for a reason,” said Roller. “They could have chosen someone else. You really do have a place here.”

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