February 28, 2024

The Neighbourhood brings indie rock to Nashville

Fans of the Neighbourhood braved the rain on Friday, Sept. 25 to see the band perform in Nashville’s famous Ryman Auditorium.

Photo by Nan Palmero, obtained using creativecommons.org

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Fans of The Neighbourhood braved the rain to watch the band perform at the Ryman Auditorium on Friday, Sept. 25. The band’s passionate ballads and intense rock songs perfectly accented the rainy night in downtown Nashville.

After making a pilgrimage from parking garages near and far, the wet and cold fans entered the old theater with great expectations of their favorite musicians.

Kelsey Bayless, a freshman at the University of Tennessee, shared the excitement of those around her.

“I love the song ‘Sweater Weather,’ which means their other songs must be even better,” Bayless said.

The raspy-sounding, long haired band Hunny began the night with a few of their songs. They greeted the crowd with wild enthusiasm and an even wilder lead singer. Their edgy personality stimulated the audience.

Loud and eager cries welcomed the second opening act, Bad Suns. They are a familiar group at UT, having performed at Volapalooza this past April in World’s Fair Park.

Jake White, former drummer for the band The Screens, played alongside Bad Suns at Volapalooza. He was especially thrilled to see them live again.

“I think they were better at Volapalooza,” White said. “I still loved seeing them, though. Hands down one of my favorite bands.”

Bad Suns played their popular songs “Cardiac Arrest” and “We Move Like The Ocean” among others. Lead singer Christo Bowman boldly sang the notes that comfortably resided within his range, but shied away from his belted high notes.

A brief intermission followed, then the crowd resumed its rowdiness. One after the other, members of The Neighbourhood filed onstage.

Sharp emotion and heavy tones complemented the band’s lyrical genius. They played popular songs from their 11-track debut album “I Love You,” such as “Afraid,” “Female Robbery” and their famous hit “Sweater Weather.”

Fans danced the night away and The Neighbourhood closed with a magnificent finale.

“Best. Show. Ever!” Bayless said.

Edited by Taylor Owens

Featured image by Nan Palmero’s flickr, obtained using creativecommons.org

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