June 21, 2024

Opinion: ‘Transparent’ sets standard for original shows

“Transparent” proves to be a moving, inspirational and innovative show that brings light to what it’s like to be transgender in a family environment. It sets the bar for more original shows to come.

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Courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org

When I first heard that Amazon Prime would be streaming an original television series, I did not have high hopes. Mostly because I felt like it was just a half-hearted attempt to jump on the Netflix original series bandwagon. I was used to seeing Amazon as a place that I could purchase cheap textbooks, and I was definitely not going to pay extra money a month just to stream movies and TV shows from them.

But one day my fickle mindset was changed.

I watched the trailer for Amazon’s original series entitled “Transparent.” Immediately I was intrigued. The show follows Mort, a divorced father of three adult children, and his journey to become Maura. Jeffrey Tambor (George Bluth from “Arrested Development”) does a remarkable job playing a transgender father trying to deal with his self-involved children.

The show starts out as centering on the struggles that a transgender parent would face, but slowly transcends into a show about family in general. It brings the issue to the surface while still saying that no matter what gender you want to be you can still be an amazing parent, human being and friend. The writers found a way to add humor to a literally a life altering situation.

Without a doubt, I finished “Transparent” within one week. I was glued to my phone and made excuses declining social interaction whenever possible. It was that brilliant. And I’m not the only one that noticed how “Transparent” broke down barriers. The show won the Golden Globe for best TV series, musical or comedy, and star Jeffrey Tambor won best actor.

Amazon made their mark as a new major player in the original series field. But the most important thing to come from the show is the conversation of what it is like to be a transgender individual and how that affects those around you. “Transparent” has set a standard for more shows to come, and I can’t wait to see what season two has to offer.

Now, after all this much deserved hype you should really go watch the show. You have to have Amazon Prime, but you can register for a free trial. Trust me, it is so worth it.

Edited by Maggie Jones

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