July 17, 2024

Opinion: T. Ho Fresh Vietnamese Kitchen is deliciously addictive

Food blogger, Jessica Carr, ventures down Merchant Drive to try T. Ho Fresh Vietnamese Kitchen and the results are deliciously addictive food made with fresh ingredients.

By Jessica Carr

There is a lot to be said for restaurant recommendations from your foodie friends. I love having friends who have a passion for food and a passion for finding restaurants that you have to keep going back to just to satisfy your cravings.

One day, I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw a gorgeous photo of Vietnamese food. My good friend recommended that everyone try T. Ho Fresh Vietnamese Kitchen. The eatery is owned by friends of his family.

I heard a lot of amazing things about the restaurant so, I knew that I had to go try it. It is a little far away from campus, but I found out that the food is definitely worth the extra mileage.

Upon entering T. Ho, you can smell the Vietnamese food cooking. The restaurant is very quaint. There are only a few seats in the place and it is located on the very corner of a series of buildings. The parking lot is very small so, be sure to carpool if you and your friends want to make a trip there.

The pho at T. Ho Fresh Vietnamese Kitchen is served with bean sprouts, Hoisin sauce and optional jalapenos. //Photo by Jessica Carr
The pho at T. Ho Fresh Vietnamese Kitchen is served with bean sprouts, hoisin sauce and optional jalapenos. //Photo by Jessica Carr

NOW, let’s talk about the most important subject. The absolutely fantastic Vietnamese food that T. Ho is cooking up. As an Asian, I love love love Vietnamese food. As a food blogger, I’m in love with T. Ho’s Vietnamese food. The ingredients are as fresh as they come. Literally, you can see them making your food through the clear glass that separates the cooking area from the eating area. The menu is cleverly done. It allows you to choose a base so either pho, fried rice, a crepe or vermicelli noodles. Then, it allows you to choose a protein of either grilled pork, beef, chicken or tofu.

I got the grilled pork with the vermicelli noodles. To me, Vietnamese grilled pork is the best. It reminds me a lot of a Filipino dish that my mom makes. However, if you are not a pork person the other protein options are delicious as well. With the vermicelli noodles, don’t be afraid to pour the sauce over the noodles. It was my absolute favorite part of my dish. I’ve already been to T. Ho twice now so, I’ve gotten to taste a little bit of everything. If I’m speaking honestly, I don’t think you can go wrong with anything on their menu. The pho is some of the best that I’ve ever had. Also, the basil roll and fried egg roll are superb as well.

The prices are very reasonable. I spent under $15 even when I splurged on Vietnamese coffee and a basil roll.

If you love Vietnamese food then, you should definitely stop by T. Ho’s. I’m already planning my next trip there.

Score: 20/20





T. Ho Fresh Vietnamese Kitchen is located at 815 Merchant Dr, Knoxville, TN 37912

Jessica Carr is a senior majoring in journalism and electronic media at UT. She is an independent food blogger. You can check out her blog by clicking here.

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Food aficionado, Jessica Carr, believes her passion for food first began while learning to cook Asian and southern cuisine with her mom. Now a senior journalism major at the University of Tennessee, Carr combines her love for writing and food by cultivating restaurant reviews through her blog. As newly appointed Editor-in-chief of the Tennessee Journalist, the official news website for UT's School of Journalism, Carr plans to build experience and one day be the editor of a food magazine. When she isn’t writing, she’s most likely in a theater enjoying the latest indie film.