April 22, 2024

Editor’s Letter: The Final Countdown

Editor-in-Chief, Jessica Carr, writes a letter to our readers about the struggles of being a senior and looking toward the future of TNJN.

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Dear reader,

It’s the final countdown …well at least for my fellow seniors and I. In May, we will walk across the stage in Thompson-Boling and that will be that.

If I had a dollar every time a family member asked me what I would do after I graduate well, I could probably buy six Powerball tickets.

It’s a scary time for us seniors, but it’s also kind of peaceful. I worry about finding a job, but at the same time I know that I can have fun this semester because it’s the last one that I will ever spend in college ever.

I went to the bookstore on Monday to buy my Biology 102 lab manual and textbook (yes, I’m a senior taking Bio 102….yes, I put off taking it) and the guy working there definitely thought I was either a freshman or a sophomore. When I told him I was a senior, his demeanor went from, “Have lots of fun” to “Good luck and buckle down on your studies.”

I mean, I can understand why he’d feel that way, but I’m here to say that I’m going to have fun this semester. I’m going to paint the rock. I’m going to Cook Out at 2 a.m. I’m going to make memories and not dwell on entering the real world UNTIL AFTER I walk across the stage fake paper diploma in hand.

Last but not least, I want you to have fun reading TNJN. As EIC, it is my job to make sure we are reaching UT’s audience. Before I leave TNJN, I want to make sure that my three years working here wasn’t in vain. That’s why, I’m extending an invitation for readers to send me an e-mail with suggestions and comments on how you think the site is going and what we can improve.

This is going to be a great semester and I’m glad you guys are here to enjoy it with me and my staff.


Jessica Carr
Editor-in-chief, Tennessee Journalist
E-mail: Jcarr21@vols.utk.edu

Featured Image by Jim Frye

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