Four Tennessee football players arrested Saturday night

After Butch Jones finally gave the Volunteer football team and the fan base something to be proud of with the 2014 recruiting class, an ugly incident casts a shadow over the program.

Saturday night four current and former Tennessee football players were arrested after a party in Quarry Trails got out of hand. This is a list of the four Vols named by an report  along with their corresponding year and violations.

Current player: 2013 Junior A.J. Johnson, MLB: Purchasing alcohol for persons underage and resisting arrest.

Current player: 2013 Freshman Danny O’Brien, DT: Criminal impersonation, resisting arrest, and underage consumption.

Former player: 2013 Senior Dontavis Sapp LB: Charges that include resisting arrest.

Former player: 2012 (R) Sophomore Isaac Mobley OL: Underage consumption of alcoholic beverages.

While there is still some question about exactly how many players were at the party (some reports say as many as 12 former and current players were among the 22 given citations) this will undoubtedly be the first time the public attention is on Butch Jones and the coaching staff as the enforcers. An issue like this that has been nationally publicized can hardly be ignored, and with a star player at the center of the drama it is only going to get more publicized until action is taken.

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