June 22, 2024

Supernatural Review: ‘Heaven Can’t Wait’

This week’s episode of Supernatural was great because it really showed the consequences of the angels fall from grace.  So far they’ve just been generic bad guys, but this episode highlighted the fact that even if they aren’t straight up evil they are still dangerous because they are unable to understand humanity.

This week focused on Dean and Castiel’s hunt for a rogue angel by the name of Ephraim. Ephraim is an interesting villain because he isn’t evil in the way that most of the villains are. He’s part of a special group of angels dedicated to healing, but they were sometimes required to put wounded angels out of their misery. Once Ephraim falls to earth he starts honing in on the pain of humanity. At first he focuses on people who are suicidal, but once he targets a teenage girl who was “kinda bummed” that her boyfriend broke up with her, Dean and Castiel realize that everyone is a potential target.

Aside from the interesting villain, my favorite part of the episode was seeing Castiel struggle with his humanity.  Dean meets up with Cas working in a convenience store. While being cut off from the Winchesters was not easy for Cas it’s good to see that he is adapting well. He accidently ends up babysitting his boss’s baby and watching him try to stop the baby’s crying was a touching scene because it highlighted Castiel’s struggle to connect with humanity.

The best scene, though, came at the very end. We saw Crowley injecting himself with human blood in an attempt to recreate the ritual that Sam used to try and redeem him at the end of season 8. It isn’t clear why he’s trying to do this. Fan theories range from him actually seeking redemption to merely trying to make himself human enough to free himself of the devil’s trap he’s currently in.


Edited by Jennifer Brake