April 13, 2024

Supernatural Review: ‘Devil May Care’

Another strong episode of Supernatural, “Devil May Care” continued the story laid out in last week’s premiere episode. Sam and Dean returned to their base to meet Kevin Tran, the young prophet, who went at the end of season 8.

Without a doubt the best part of this episode was Mark Sheppard’s portrayal of the demon Crowley the (former?) King of Hell. It’s rare, in this show, for a demon to stay in a single body as long as Crowley has this one, but honestly I can’t imagine anyone else playing the character of Crowley. Sheppard has really made the role shine.  Even when his lines are bad, you can’t help but smile because of his top-notch delivery. Watching him toy with Kevin’s head showed just how dangerous Crowley can be even when he is captured and helpless.

Speaking of Kevin, the interactions between the young prophet and the Winchester brothers, especially Dean, were some of the best scenes in this episode. After everything Kevin has gone through since his introduction in this show it makes sense that he would be tempted to leave when Crowley tells him that the Winchesters see him only as a tool to be used. However, Dean has a great talk with him where he points out just how important Kevin is to them, not only as prophet but as a person. As Dean says, Kevin isn’t just a prophet; at this point, he’s family and is all the Winchester brothers have aside from each other.

Meanwhile, Abbaddon made a push to take over hell in Crowley’s absence. When the character first appeared near the end of season 8, she was kind of flat. She was simply an very powerful demon that liked being evil, but now it’s clear she has a plan.  She is recruiting her own army to take over hell and earth. This, of course, brings her in direct conflict with the Winchester brothers and the network of hunters. This led to a really good action scene and allowed us to see more of the angel Ezekiel.

Ezekiel’s appearance was one of the best parts of this episode because it showed off what a strong actor Jared Padalecki has become over the course of the show. It was impressive seeing him pull off a completely different character than Sam Winchester, and I hope to see more of him throughout the season.

I was also glad to see is that they are following up on the story arcs from last season since Supernatural sometimes has a bad habit of dropping story arcs before they are finished.

Overall, this was another strong episode of “Supernatural,” and I’m looking forward to seeing where they go in the future.


Edited by Jennifer Brake

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