July 14, 2024

Former UT Physics Professor to discuss Science and Diplomacy

Former UT Physics Professor and current Science and Technology Adviser to the Secretary of State E. William Colglazier, Ph.D, will speak about science and diplomacy on Thursday, Nov. 21.

Science and technology has become integreated into worldwide diplomatic relations. Subsequently, countries are competing for the newest forms of science and techonology in order to become the most advanced in the field. The race for techonological advancement has caused science diplomacy to become a necessary tool to increase the global flow of knowledge. Colglazier plans to discuss the impact of meritocracy and transparency and it’s necessity to support democracy on a global scale.

The event is sponsored by the Office of Research and Engagement and the Baker Center. Colglazier will speak at the Baker Center, located at 1640 Cumberland Avenue.


Edited by Nichole Stevens