July 14, 2024

Fast-a-thon raises $1,000 for local food kitchen


The Muslim Student Association sponsored the 13th annual fast-a-thon Thursday in the UC Ballroom, raising more than $1,000 for The Love Kitchen, a special organization that gives food to the homeless in Knoxville.

The nationwide event started at the University of Tennessee and is held once a year to unite students by encouraging family and friends to sponsor a student to fast for the day. The fast-a-thon also provides awareness about the Islam religion to students. One thousand participants were sponsored this year.

“We all attend this campus. There’s a benefit to learning about each other and getting to see each other’s roots, and try someone else’s culture as your own,” said Jessica Focht, a student and fast-a-thon participant. “Despite race, gender or religion, we are all united for one common cause.”

The all-day fast started the morning of the Nov. 14 and was broken with a traditional Muslim dinner served that evening,  including rice, chicken and pasta. At the end of the meal, Love Kitchen’s founders Helen Ashe and Ellen Turner received every penny donated during the fast-a-thon.


Edited by Jennifer Brake