June 20, 2024

Knoxville Film Festival to premiere at Regal Downtown West


Knoxville’s first film festival will begin on Thursday Sept. 19 and go through Sunday Sept. 22.

The films will be split into 20 different blocks as well as an opening film on Thursday night.  Tickets can be purchased for each block individually or a festival pass can be bought for $75 which grants access to every film.

There will also be a student film competition that viewers can purchase tickets to see. The judges range from a Scripps Networks director to a film studies professor from the University.

In 2004, Keith McDaniel hosted the first Secret City Film Festival, which grew in size and popularity over the next eight years until McDaniel decided to move the event to Knoxville where he partnered with Regal Entertainment Group.

The festival film schedule is listed below:

Thursday, September 19th:

Short Term 12.

Friday, September 20th:

The Things My Father Never Taught me

Inner Child


Trust, Greed, Bullets & Bourbon

Nuts N Bolts


Fragile Things

The Star

Alex Dreaming

On The Train

Fear and Loathing in Apartment B

Mama Needs a Ride

The One Who Loves You


The Race That Eats its Young.

Shoot The Moon

Red River Moon

The Children Next Door

Where’s The Fair?



Good People Go To Hell, Saved People Go To Heaven

Saturday, September 21st:



Where We Started

Jujitsu-ing Reality

Simple As That

Character Face: A Clown Fantasy

Granny’s Got Game

State Debate

Dreams of the Wayward

Pui Chan: Kung Fu Pioneer

Mile High Pie

The Kid

CowJews and Indians

7-Day Shootout Filmmaking Competition Film Screenings.

Sunday, September 22nd:

Senior Drivers

Madison Harris

The Roosters-Series 1

Noah’s Arc: The Rebirth of a Jazz Singer

The Possum Drop

Losing Our Sons

The Ruins


45 RPM

Battle Cry of Freedom Student Filmmaking Competition Film Screenings

Light Me Up

23 Blast

For more information on the Knoxville Film Festival visit their website at http://www.knoxvillefilmfestival.com

Edited by Jessica Carr