May 21, 2024

DC comic proves to be interesting with suprise plot twist


Forever Evil #1 retails for $3.99 and I will admit the price seems a bit steep.  This is a standard size comic and nothing about it really justifies the extra dollar price tag.  The cover does seem to be made of a thicker and more glossy material than most comic books, but I don’t think it added anything to the experience.


The artwork on this issue is very good.  David Finch is the penciler, Richard Friend is the inker and Sonia Oback worked on colors.  They all did a fine job.  The artwork is clear and crisp.  Every character looks distinct even in group shots.  The cover itself is a great example of this.  There are about 20 different characters on the cover and everyone is clear and distinct.


“Forever Evil” takes place shortly after the events of “Trinity War,” but it isn’t necessary to have read Trinity War to understand Forever Evil.  I only read the first issue and I didn’t have any trouble understanding what was happening.  The book informs you that the Justice League has been disbanded and most of the members of the League are missing.  The Crime Syndicate arrives from another earth and takes over the planet’s criminal organizations.

The story does a decent job of getting readers up to speed on current DC events and it laid the groundwork for what could be a very interesting story if it is done right.  The cover hints at Lex Luthor leading a group of DC villains against the newly formed Crime Syndicate and you can see hints of that happening in this first issue and it fits well with Lex’s character since it gives him a chance to be the hero of humanity that he sees himself as now that Superman is gone.

A lot of people on websites and forums are discussing the revelations relating to Nightwing.  I don’t want to discuss them here for fear of ruining it for someone else, but it is a surprising twist and if this story remains cannon it could greatly affect both Nightwing and his allies.


Forever Evil #1 combines strong artwork with an interesting premise and a rather surprising twist that made me curious to see what happens next.

Edited by: Jessica Carr

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