Japanese Culture Night at I-House sells out

The International House celebrated Japan during its final world showcase event of the semester on Wednesday, April 6.

//Photo by Kaitlin Flippo

UT’s International House invited students to celebrate Japanese culture at its final world showcase event of the semester on Wednesday, April 6. The program, which was presented to a sold-out crowd, was hosted by the Vols Japanese Cultural Association (VJCA).

VJCA served a traditional Japanese meal of curry rice, karaage, edamame and daigaku imo.

“Many people think that Japanese food is sushi,” Yuka Shirai, a sophomore at UT and one of the hosts, said. “I want people to know more traditional house style dishes.”

While the guests ate, members of VJCA gave a brief description of the food served, and then began talking about Japanese pop culture, which included slides of Manga, Anime and Japanese bands.

Suhi Maxx, a Japanese dance group, performed the same dance routine as the one in UT’s International Dance Competition in February. Sushi Maxx and other members of VJCA invited the guests to join them later in the night to learn dance moves from two traditional Japanese dances.

Two hosts also demonstrated Kendo, a form of Japanese martial arts.

“I’m surprised so many people came,” Sae Kanado, a junior at UT, said. “I didn’t know so many people wanted to know about Japanese culture. I think it was a good opportunity to know each other.”

For more information on International House events, visit their website. To learn more about VJCA, visit their website.

Featured image by Kaitlin Flippo

Edited by Taylor Owens

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