The Mavericks, MUTEMATH headline Rhythm N’ Blooms Festival

The Rhythm N’ Blooms festival continued on Saturday, April 9 with headliners The Mavericks and MUTEMATH.

// Photo by Taylor Owens

Knoxville’s Rhythm N’ Blooms Festival continued on Saturday night with headliners The Mavericks and MUTEMATH.

Both bands performed on the Cripple Creek Stage, an outdoor venue created specifically for the festival in the parking lot across from Barley’s Taproom and Pizzeria. The venue also featured local food trucks such as Savory and Sweet and Tootsie Truck. Yee-Haw Brewing Company provided alcoholic beverages for the event.

The Mavericks took the stage first and performed their blend of western swing, Latin and rockabilly for the crowd. Despite the temperatures in the low-to-mid 40s hundreds of fans filled the space and danced along to the music in the outdoor venue.

Knoxville natives Dawn McKinney and Brittany Stanford were among those who made it to the Old City for the weekend. They took their second trip to Rhythm N’ Blooms this year and attended the shows for both The Mavericks and MUTEMATH among others.

They said they are supporters of local and indie music. Both enjoyed getting to hear all that the festival had to offer.

“The Mavericks aren’t really our style, but they’re fun,” McKinney said. “My favorite act tonight was The Lone Bellow.”

MUTEMATH took the stage after The Mavericks and helped to showcase the diversity of the festival with their alternative music contrasting the Americana of The Mavericks. After Rhythm N’ Blooms, the band will be preparing for a summer tour with Twenty One Pilots.

Overall, McKinney and Stanford were impressed with the variety of the music and the organization of the festival in general.

“I feel like everything runs really smoothly,” McKinney said. “Getting your tickets and getting in and out and everything is really seamless.”

Stanford believes Rhythm N’ Blooms adds something special to Knoxville’s music scene.

“I love it,” Stanford added. “I wish they would do more things like it more often.

“We love our scruffy little city,” McKinney added.

For more information about Rythmn N’ Blooms Festival, visit their official website.

Featured image by Taylor Owens

Edited by Jessica Carr

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  1. Your review was good but rather short. I’m happy you enjoyed yourself when you saw The Mavericks perform. In our groups opinion, The Mavericks are The Most Interesting band In The World. You are correct to say you had fun at their show. How could you not? They reach out to their audience with a musical talent few artist have nowadays. They are humble and kind and always out to please their fans. The Mavericks are full of life and spread happiness and goodwill. What band will take the time to meet and greet with their fans without heavy fees in tow? The Mavericks musical talents with their playing of their own instruments and Raul Malo’s Voice Of Velvet can’t be beaten. Few band can stand beside them in talent. They have been around since 1989 and there is nothing they can’t play and play well. Seeing a Mavericks show is more than seeing, it’s their way of making you feel part of their show. You leave fully happy but still wanting more. That is what every Band should try to achieve but are to selfish too. Being on a Mavericks high for days is what we fans have come to expect after seeing them perform. The Mavericks are our Doctor Feel Good. The Mavericks perform for their love of music and their fans. Not for the money or fame as so many others do. They need no antics such as fire and backup dancers.Their true musical talents are more than enough. Every band members have something to bring to the table, and your eyes move around watching all eight of them never being bored for even one second. You are too scared to take even a picture because you might miss something. We fans appreciate their love and devotion to their craft. They are what you call a true band not a Group but a Band. Please take into account the difference and the importance of such. Their fan base has many followers from the 80’s and on. I myself being one of them and I’m proud to call myself a Maverick’s Fan. Our group is called The Mavericks Rule! We stand behind that description. TMR!

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