January 20, 2021

Urban Outfitters hosts college night

Senior and sociology major, Lauren Eady won a koozie at Urban Outfitters college night. Mariah Bowers/ TNJN

Students arrive at Urban Outfitters for College Night.
Students arrive at Urban Outfitters for College Night.
Mariah Bowers/ TNJN

Urban Outfitters Knoxville hosted a college night at its Market St. location downtown. The event took place on Sept. 19 from 4p.m. to 9p.m.

Students with a valid college ID received 30 percent off sale merchandise and 10 percent off full-price items.

A price wheel was also placed at the register which students spun to win prizes such as: koozies, gift cards and reusable shopping bags.

Lauren Eady, a senior at University of Tennessee, won a koozie during her visit. “I’m so glad I got a discount on these clothes I’ve been wanting,” Eady said.”I hope they do this again soon!”

This Urban Outfitters location is young in the Knoxville area. They officially opened on May 2. After their first three days of business, 10 percent of their proceeds went to the Joy of Music School. The organization helps give instruments and lessons to students who are less fortunate.

Edited by Jessica Carr

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